Volans Server Performance Issues

  • On September 12th Volans (US-174) had maintenance to transfer to different server hardware.

    Since that change, server performance seems to be getting worse and worse each day. Huge delays trying to load pages or do fleet actions. Even trying to transport my res I'm encountering pages taking a minute+ to load, or freezing until I refresh the page.

    Issues persist on both of my internet connections, and others in my alliance are also experiencing these issues.

    Would appreciate this getting looked into. Game is not really enjoyable to play in this state.

  • I am the same issue as Casual Sab, its too much lagining and slow, and when i want to build defenses its giving me a wrong number of build and its end up i cant build, the game is like living hell for me.

    the delays and errors and slow server notification killing the game.

    Thank you for your support.

  • same here, even jsut getting on and collecting resources has been dumb lagging. 1 minute of sending res is taking like 5 minutes to do because of the lag.

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  • I’m in Volans and am having the same issue along with my alliance members.





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  • I cant do anything without it spinning and spinning......cant look at messages without it getting stuck. Everything I do lags.

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  • The game is not moving and errors; its very hard to play the game

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  • Server performance is still not great. [Admin] Shinesun can y'all pass this along to get the performance issues looked into?

    The information has been transferred to technical specialists. They are working to solve this problem.

    Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.