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  • Hello, I know yu may not be able to say anything yet and I'll soon know along with everyone else, but I'm just curious how long does it normally take for merges to be planned? Since you announced it a month ago would it be accurate that they would happen sooner than May or after?

  • when you will add auction to the mobile app?

  • Shinesun! I'm in desperate need of help on my ticket :( wrongfully banned. Rank 8 player now going on 72 hours of unanswered help in support

  • Since Artifacts can teach us much about alien technologies, we can use them to select lifeform techs. This allows you to change your technologies until you have activated the ones you want. Try it out with the Artifacts you’ve collected!

    Complete the following missions:

    • Buy a technology with Artifacts

    What is this ? I don't understand what I should buy. Can you help? Please

  • when a new ogame server will open? No new servers since august.

  • goodnight.

    how can i post attacks from universe earth?

    It doesn't show up on my forum.


  • goodnight.

    I need help.

    At the moment I'm playing in Universo Terra, but in the forum I'm not finding the same thing.