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  • I don't want to spam someone else's CR. Apparently, you missed the point of posting my CR. I didn't post it to show if it was a notable hit, lol https://board.en.ogame.gamefor…-td-256-338-000/&pageNo=2 This is a top 10 hit look at the respect and Admiration and even the number of people paying respect to what I did and the way I carry myself in the game. It's not about how big the crash is or even my skill level. This guy Blows people's moons up for outbidding him in an auction and you respect him? This is why Umbra is dead. not his fleet skills but his disrespectful way of trying to bash the lesser players out of the game if they don't treat him like a God. and you respect that. this is why you are looking and thinking "is what I posted as a notable hit" and can't see it's not even about that. this is Bizzle's last top 10 hit read the comments on both hits. It won't take long for his cr there is Zero his buddy and Milton who comments on everything. Top 10 [TOT: 22.446.355.000] Bizzle vs. Sparrie (A: 2.666.666.000, D: 19.779.689.000) Sparrie, DML, SOFLASH, the list goes on and on of people he has blown there moons and ran them out of the game. If you leave it sitting it's on you but come on #2 with 2 billion points needs to bash number 70 SoFlash out of the game for bidding in an auction. Why call it an auction if people can't bid? He has no respect for anyone he thinks is beneath him and he deserves no respect. Other than his military service to my country.

  • been a long time sinsei. Looks like everything has changed. Do you still play?

  • Spamnation lol hi buddy you have mail
  • *spams*