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  • Community Manager

    Prongs is the CoMa for OGame.us. He works directly for Gameforge and oversees the team of volunteers that staff the game and board here in our community.


    Rav3n is the Administrator. Administrators do all of the interviewing and hiring of new Staff and make critical decisions in emergency situations. If you have a complaint about one of the Staff or Mentors, your complaint should be sent to an Admin to be handled. In some situations, the Admins may contact you via the ticket system if needed.


    The Mentors each manage a team of Staff, and they are the first line of support for their assigned Staff. Complaints about specific Staff should be sent to their assigned Mentor. If your ticket has not received a reply and over 48 hours have passed, the Mentor becomes your contact person for the open ticket. The Mentors, their assigned Staff members, and their assigned sections can be found below. If you need to contact a Mentor for any reason, please only contact the one assigned to your universe or forum section, as the other Mentors may not be able to assist you.


    Each Staff member is assigned to specific universes and/or specific sections of the forum. Your Staff member is your first point of contact if you need assistance with something in-game or on the forum. Your Staff member can be reached by submitting a ticket via the Support System. It may take up to 48 hours for your Staff member to reply to your tickets, because all of our Staff members are volunteers, and must fit their OGame work into their free time. The list of current Staff members and their assigned universes and forum sections can be found below.


    (See below for further instructions)



    The Universes - Game and Forum

    Universe Game Forum
    Spica Gol D Roger Cillidan
    Tarazed Gol D Roger Reina
    Yildun black_d
    Himalia Hysteria Memoritter
    Pasiphae Marco Inaros Memoritter
    Sombrero Admins
    Tucana Armand S Armand S
    Umbra Armand S Armand S
    Volans black_d Admins
    Weywot black_d Admins
    Xanthippe Mollyspace Cillidan
    Ymir Gol D Roger Admins
    Zenith Hysteria Admins

    The other forum sections

    Section Staff Member Mentor
    News --- Admins
    OGame.us Cillidan, Reina, Memoritter
    Community Hub Cillidan, Reina, Memoritter
    Account Trades Cillidan, Reina, Memoritter

    Please contact your Staff member if you have any game-related or board-related problems or concerns.

    Rules To Follow When Contacting A Staff Member:

    • Go to Support and submit a ticket; please use a separate ticket for each issue.
    • If you need to submit a screenshot with your ticket, please refer to the [GUIDE] Taking screenshots for tickets for guidelines and instructions. Ask us if you need assistance.
    • Do not PM your Staff member on the board about ban issues. Contact your Staff member by ticket only.
    • If you are banned, contact only the Staff member that banned you.
    • Please give your Staff member up to 48 hours to reply.
    • If your Staff member does not respond to you in 48 hours, then contact his or her Mentor.
    • If the Mentor does not answer in 48 hours, then contact an Admin.
    • Please follow the chain of command (Staff > Mentor > Admin).
    • Tickets MUST be opened with the permanent email of the account in question; any tickets that are not will be returned back to the user.
    • Bans and account-specific issues are only discussed with the permanent email holder on the account in question.

    You can also find most of our team members on the official OGame Discord server.

    If your issue is about Dark Matter and purchasing/payment issues, our game team cannot handle your request. You will need to contact Billing Support.

    Updated August 9th, 2022 - Rav3n


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