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  • Gluggagaegir -

    Liked Shadyj09’s post in the thread Standard War [STRYKE] vs. [N_U].

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    REhwO4O.gif Great war to both sides. We both threw some nice punches but N_U pulled out the biggest hits. It was nice to see you guys grow from smashing defenses to smashing fleets! That was an impressive turn around. Everyone fly safe and I'm sure we
  • Gluggagaegir -

    Liked Mao’s post in the thread Standard War [STRYKE] vs. [N_U].

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    N_U alliance is assumes victory in this awesome war. We were considerating loosers from start, but we showed all we are a good alliance and our teamwork gave us a great victory. Thanks for Stryke`s for oportunity of this war, we all had a great…
  • Gluggagaegir -

    Liked Andvari300’s post in the thread Standard War [STRYKE] vs. [N_U].

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    This was a fun War to watch and I'm glad it ended respectfully. Congrats to both sides for the entertainment and the much needed activity the board needed. :beer:
  • Gluggagaegir -

    Liked deadparrot’s post in the thread Standard War [STRYKE] vs. [N_U].

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    one of the better wars as of late. congrats NU cute-kids-fight-03.gif
  • Gluggagaegir -

    Liked Silverwind’s post in the thread Standard War [STRYKE] vs. [N_U].

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    I've never seen such a well matched and entertaining war, and with a lot of fun mixed in. From Shady's drunken stories, to Nevers great draw to put a little role play into it (which inspired several of us after all!) and the actual combats were good too.
  • Silverwind -

    Replied to the thread Merge Thread.

    I don't think it takes a terrible bit of imagination to guess that they were very deliberate to do away with account trading. Probably the higher ups are very pleased that people can't pick up an old account and make progress. I'm sure they prefer you
  • We at Shortbus believe in helping out our alliance mates, and one of our alliance members and JayRoc are always hitting each other, but JayRoc managed to pull ahead with some key ninjas. We moved to help him, and subsequently also started getting…
  • this war for greg and my brother travis I follow him for a long time and know when online. When you say Moon Cursed you sure are starting without a doubt... and we did this together. but our goal was to finish it. and this is a start
  • DESs -

    Posted the thread Advanced 20 % [TOT: 387.364.500] DESs [WAHR] vs. Spelldeath [Cell] (A: 31.560.000, D: 355.804.500).

    Spy and Fly. Def said he is going to quit this uni anyway. GL in RL or other unis.
    On 21-08-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle: Attacker DESs [WAHR] ________________________________________________ Battleship 5.000 Destroyer 12.000