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    Hello everyone, as you might have noticed we are switching the lay out of the boards. The old style utilized "buttons" which work exactly the same as a regular link, but require a TON of code. It also eliminated the possibility of seeing when a new post was posted without checking each section individually. The new set up will feature a simplified universe description as well as the 4 main sections "hall of fame" "CR" "Diplomacy" and "trade" Please be patient as the process is long and there is lots to do. For now you can check out uni 1 and Pegasus.

    This is the old style

    This will be the new style

    In addition to the number of new post next to the subsection, the icon will also light up red to indicate a new post has been made.

    With this change also comes 1 other change, but we would like your feed back first.

    The change would be the combat report and HOF sections being merged together to form 1 Battle report section.
    The reason behind this is because the CR section of the…
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    Community Manager (COMA)

    Team Manager (TM)


    Board Admin (BA)


    Super Moderator (SMOD)

    Universal Moderator (UMOD)


    Moderator (MOD)

    @Lady Poe

    Section Assignments

    Help and Questions - BA
    Bugs and Complaints - BA
    Game Talk - BA

    Account Trades - Iris, MrDavid
    Universe 1 - Iris, Silverwind
    Pegasus - Iris, Lady Poe
    Betelgeuse -MrDavid, Lady Poe
    Cygnus - Morty, ejgutbarr
    Deimos - Handicapparking, Morty
    Eridanus - Morty
    Fidis - Handicapparking, Silverwind
    Ganimed - Lady Poe
    Hyperion - ejgutbarr, Morty
    Izar - Lady Poe
    Japetus - ejgutbarr
    Kallisto - ejgutbarr, Morty
    Libra - Silverwind
    Merkur - Silverwind, Handicapparking
    Nusakan - Iris, MrDavid
    Ogame Cafe - Lady Poe

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