• One of two things happened here lol...

    1. He gave a fake name bc he doesnt actually want me to come out of vmode.

    2. He is that Vlad you found and he too is in vmode talking smack about me being in vmode ^^

    I have already taken his fleet in Himalia and multiple times in Umbra. He doesnt want to me to crash him across 3 universes. Also i never said i was going to kill Himalia lol. He was upset i kept crashing him so he started spreading stuff to Mando to stir up people in his own mess. Or thats what he told me anyway but who knows. I dont care. Also never said i would kill Zenith. Im actually cool with some of the FEW members. I would try to work with them to knock out other people who merged in. And yeah i said i wouldnt go to himalia without my friends. I dont want to play by myself thats boring. I like talking in discord and playing with other people not sure why that is an issue? I never name dropped Malicious either haha. We played together awhile back but i wouldnt name drop another player to threaten someone. That's sad and pathetic :D i do know who does do that though..*cough cough Natural Selection cough cough*. Also Malicious has no idea who Cusco is lmao. Cusco is just blowing smoke. Nothing Natural Selection says makes sense or has truth behind it. He just likes spitting nonsense.

    Ive already hit Natural Selection up on his profile page here and in discord. No response yet. Ill find him :borg:

    Thanks DISASTER for the awesome Sig!

  • Could you be any more dramatic? I said you're hiding in vacation mode from Obelix and you're having a psychotic breakdown about it. You Squids are sensitive, aren't you? Just admit it YOU GET LAZY that's why Cusco has hit stuff you leave lying around, I have hit stuff you leave lying around. You wanted to go to Zenith where you would not have to fs or have anyone higher ranked than you because you are lazy and careless. That's why you got crashed by Obelix before and you hide now. How many months has it been since you destroyed your planet with your whole fleet on it? There is No One in Umbra, It's Dying, and you still spent thousands of dollars in Umbra to rebuild a Huge fleet in a dying uni so you can try to go somewhere that you will have the same situation as Umbra. Sitting on your self-impressed butt with your big DM-bought fleet saying look at me everyone, pathetic lol! You could have spent all that money in Yildun and had fleets to crash, and your Noob buddies to kick it with. There is only one problem Obelix. You are a good fleet crasher but you are awful at protecting your own fleet, even from yourself YOU DELETED YOUR WHOLE FLEET WITH YOUR PLANET! lmao, I have never seen anyone that bad at this game. Obelix has killed you off before and he will do it again if you had the guts to go there without just hiding as you do now. I had an account in Yildun just to hang out with old friends. It was Dan Cake I set it for Vmode and left it. I am only going to Play in Hima when we do merge. Now stop trolling my comments Boy, let's stick to the topic (Merger)

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  • Well, I am kind of a history buff and to be more precise a military history buff! Vlad The Impaler used psychological warfare to hold off an overwhelming force invading his country. He didn't take prisoners, he lined the road to his castle with them Impaled on a sharpened pike pole. He owned his enemies psychologically just like I do Bizzle. It is a cool name, that's me in Himalia.

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  • You sure doing a lot of talking Natural Selection lol

    "No human can beat a computer" :borg:


    Retired in Merkur - Miner- top 70
    Basic 20%'s = 5, Advanced 20% = none, Super advanced 20% = none

    Retired in Japetus - Miner top 60
    Basic 20%= 17 (Solo:16 / ACS:1)
    Advanced 20%= None
    Super advanced 20%=None

    Retired from Eridanus (top 50)

    Retired from Virgo in top (50)

    Retired from Aquarius

    Retired from Ursa

    Retired from Bellatrix (Top 50)

    and many more!

    Currently active in: Zenith (top 15) :thumbsup:

    Basic 20%=
    Advanced 20%=
    Super advanced 20%= None

  • You wanted to go to Zenith where you would not have to fs or have anyone higher ranked than you because you are lazy and careless.

    I for one welcome any and all players to come to Zenith and not FS. We low level peasants are all very friendly and I encourage all fleets to stay parked and save their deut.

  • Maybe we can stop getting personal and get back to the topic of discussing the upcoming merger?

    Or, unfortunately, I will have to take stricter measures

    speaking of the upcoming merge, could we possibly get a timeframe of when we will hear about it, or at least something comforting? if memory serves, usually its announced and we receive more info a lot quicker than this. is there anything you can tell us to calm our poor old minds? :)

    noobin around in a universe near you

  • I'm holding my wallet hostage, if you want me to spend more money here gimme merge info!

    Besides I just discovered OgameX Its got everything better than here and don't have to spend a dime, but this being the OG game I'd like to stay



  • That would be a nice gesture, all they have to say is we will announce the merge details by 4/?/24. Then if you get it figured out before that it's just a pleasant surprise. ;)

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  • The team already gave an update. They submitted the request we came up with. We waiting. Keep building your accounts in the meantime.

    Thanks DISASTER for the awesome Sig!

  • Where can I move my account?

    You can move your account to any possible target of the group where your universe is. There are no restrictions (top, resources, server age) to where you can move the account; the group itself is the only imposed restriction.

    Assuming "no restrictions" within your group, can a player move an account from one "target" uni to another? or is it only exodus to target?

    An example:

    Himalia and Volans are both target unis. A player wants to move their Volans account to Himalia. Will this be allowed or will the account be stuck in Volans?

    Thanks DISASTER for the awesome Sig!

  • We will make every effort to place your planets where they were in your exodus universe, however, it might not be possible. In cases where it is not possible, there will be a free relocation provided (one per repositioned planet) which can be used at a later date.

    Will I recieve a freelocation if my planet will just change position (14 to 15) or only by new system?