State of the Union - Volans - Merge 2023

    1. I speak in the name of my alliance OPP.
    2. we would like
    3. -2x speed universe
    4. -Fleet speed peacefully 10x (necessary)
    5. -holding on 8-10x (necessary)
    6. -eco 10x
    7. our requests would be to have the server where we played again but and I repeat but if it is not possible to change the speed of the attacks from 1x to 2x we would like at least the peaceful fleets and the deployment ones to be very fast 10x would be ideal. Also because we are all Crasher and not Miner, but above all discoverer.
  • War fleet still need to stay at 1 speed, there is a reason why people play this universe. Not everybody has the luxury to sit 24 hours per day watching fleets. Peace full fleets and eco at 10x is nice, since we prefer a more peaceful universe the last thing we want too much is 'waiting'.

    What I personally would like is a CAP on IP missile attacks per day per planet. There is already a cap on regular fleet attacks and moon destruction(s) attempts, but IP missiles are overpowered. I speak out of an experience from the past (about 4 to 5 years ago) when somebody just launched 900 !!!!! attacks within 24 hours on one planet. That was 100% bashing and to my opinion there is no way to defend against that, also not with ABM missiles.

  • i would like x10 economy if that is possible, but at the very least we should get lifeforms. is there any timeline for when they will be activated on the older unis?

    noobin around in a universe near you

  • It's not possible to have eco 10x because it's a special setting.

    But would gladly vote for:

    Friendly missions: 2x good...