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  • Hope you're doing well old friend. Haven't heard from you or any of the old APOC crew in a long long time.

  • Heey mrs Queen, are you alive? hows it goin? how's the teaching? :)))


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  • I posted a wrong thread in xanthus crs section, i can't edit nor reply...can you please delete it? Thank you in advance!
  • Any idea when we might see the server settings put into effect for Oberon and other uni's still waiting after a successful vote?
    • I haven't heard a date yet. Hoping soon. :(
  • Thank you, QL. 💕
  • I believe Prongs is going to start them tomorrow, if he has time.
  • Do we have an estimated month for the next vote to take place?
  • I don't know that the information is still available from the last set of polls, but I can see if Prongs will give me that info when this set closes, after it does. He might do that.
  • Is it possible to learn how many players actually vote ?
  • No, just the percentages: https://board.us.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php?thread/96423-ogame-us-polls-started-thursday-september-5/&postID=691936#wcf18
  • Is there a place on boards that shows how many voted last time on setting changes in each universe?
  • Some War related questions.. If its declared more than a day ago: - Bashing rules are suspended. - Can slow attacks be launched to mask other activity? - Is it a valid declaration if there's no date or type etc? Thanks!
    • Which universe is this in? I think I need to see it to answer your questions. But overview spam isn't permitted; sending long, slow, pointless attacks - not allowed. So attacking with 1 stupid-slow ship, at a really slow rate, please don't do it.
    • Uriel. I'm not doing it, being done to me. I ticketed the 1week plus ones. I got the looking into it, then closed ticket response. I assume a warning went out as they recalled. I have a 10 hr one now from 36 systems away.. So not stupidly slow, but slowed to mask other actions for sure. When does slow become "stupid-slow" enough for a ticket?
    • Basically if it's a pointless attack. 10-hour attack with a recycler = pointless.
  • *spams*
  • hi Queen, hey very disappointed that moonchance 40% didn't start as was stated timewise today. what a waste of my ships on 21% chances when were supposed to be 40%'s. can u confirm an actual time the event will start because this is bullsh1t. thanks as always for your time :)
  • So, apparently you and I flew in Io (uni 16) together. Just started searching the archives, and I've found members of ally - KAG, alvarito, and I know we flew with killedbydeath as well when he had good ACSs. Now, I for some reason cannot yet find me - ThrillKill - but I know I exist and I know who I was in the alliance with. Perhaps you could shed some light, if your memory is better than my own. Thank-you!
  • Hi, new universe will open before 2020 like you told, Will it open in all countries ? or only for crowded countries
    • I don't think it was every community, but I think there were a bunch of them.
  • Where do the polls for the new universes take place?
    • They'll be sent out in-game when they're run. Which universe are you wondering about? Nobody is currently doing polls.
    • None of the current ones. I believed that the polls took place in the forums.
    • No, just the discussion to agree about which settings will appear on the polls. The actual polls and voting is done in-game.
  • Oct 1 9:15 PST...new player wants to move to Aquarius server from Bellotrix...How to do this?
    • You can make an account on Aquarius, but we don't have the ability to move you from Bellatrix to Aquarius.
  • Good evening. Sorry to bother you. Is there a way to delete accounts faster than 7 days?
    • No, sorry. What's going on?
    • Nothing oppressive. Just deleted my Xanthus account, then logged in to check and it was still there. I must have inadvertently canceled it and wanted to proceed with the deletion without waiting another 7 days.
    • It doesn't delete in exactly 7 days; the script runs once per day, and depending what time you set it to delete, it can actually take 8-9 days to actually delete. Don't panic, as long as you haven't turned off the delete setting, it will delete.
  • Multiple discussion points. Our play group is discussing the yildun stats. obviously you already pointed out the x2 fleet speed request that appears to have been ignored in favor of the x6. We have been discussing old universes vs the new ones. and how if there are going to be future merges that bring uni's together, the overall value of the economy of those universes should be normalized. i.e. all x7 if x7 is the new norm. or whatever. as long as there is balance. still in favor of a subscription universe that removes all accelerants in favor of a montly subscription. completed balanced play for those that still believe in such a concept these days.
    • You should make those suggestions in the suggestion section. Our COMA does actually look at them.
    • Good idea. I did.
  • Congrats on the promo! Hail to the Queen!
    • Thank you, my friend. How are you doing these days?
    • Still hanging around in Jap, doing well :) You on discord these days? Im off skype
    • Yeah, PM'd you my username.
  • Havant spammed here for a while. *spams* oh and you gone purple?
    • Yes, just this morning, actually. Hello sir. :)
  • Hello Queen, Are the game admins seriously going to let Graveyard (RIP) in Wezn get into such a controlling position and let them kill another universe before it's even had a chance to start? I'll bet you $1 this will be how this universe dies... at the controlling hands of Graveyard.....9 months to a year...
    • is he breaking any rules or just using DM for the edge
    • It's not a person but the alliance. I have a friend who thought a new universe was a place to start playing but took one look at Graveyard already being twice the points of the next alliance and said why bother. I'm now looking at it the same way. It looks like the same players come into a universe, don't care if they kill it or not and wait for a new one like that's how they get off. Then admin misses out on any money these ppl might spend short term. This is a good game but if the same ppl do the same thing over and over ppl walk away and won't come back...
  • I'm sorry, but the events are set by Gameforge; I don't have any say in when they occur, or when they end. :(
  • Hi Leo, %30 dark matter campaign is finishing before the new universe. Is it possible to extend it for 1 day too?
  • Hey, friend, voting is still active :(
    • Uhh...no?
    • Okey, now I have no problem :) Thank you very much! When the new universe will be open? (I'm sorry if I asked too much questions)
    • I don't know yet. I'll announce it when they tell me. :)
    • Thank you very much for everything :)
  • At last! It seems that we can play in a universe without ACS! Thank you! I hope you'll close voting as soon as possible :D These settings are great and I want to start playing as soon as possible :D
  • One last thing, is it possible to vote to cancel missile silos? A universe without missiles can be great
    • I don't think so; that's never been given to us in the list of possible settings. :)
    • Okay, thanks anyway