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  • Dead parrots don’t talk. You must be a zombie parrot.
  • Hi.. Sir.. thinking about playing new uni:)
    • should be fun. non acs is interesting for sure
    • Yes non Acs nice for alone player, according to "speed 2" my favor speed.. will you join?
    • i havnt decided yet. im down to one acct and its nice. but these settings do appeal to my style. ill let you know for sure.
  • -pokes-
  • bring your allies too
  • dude dont quit uriel join us!
  • again spacially thanks sir.. see you !
  • Did we just break our record for board users? It’s at 67 right now.
    • lol no idea. not sure how to look at past history of users online. nice to see higher activity.
    • I was going off of the user counter at the bottom of the forum screen and the record indicator at the same place
    • i had to switch my phone to desktop mode to see the numbers. mine shows the record at 48 users 11/10/17. im not sure why its different for me than you. i dont see 67
    • It was next to the “Users online” line, 67 was. The record shows up as “48” for me too.
    • my numbers will be different than yours as i can see invisable users as well. im not entirely sure i trust these numbers anyways. but yea user counts have been up. the merge has caused that reaponse im sure.
  • dead parrot tells no tales :')
  • Man these oberon forums though, everyone is so edgy these days
    • new uni with a lot of decent action. it happens.
    • You commin back to Oberon at all
    • yea. why you ask? im still there.
  • *parrot noises*
  • merc looks interesting , any accounts open there? i dont care if they are ally bound or just on loan...
    • not that i know of but ill let you know
  • Glad to see you back bro
  • =(
  • yo sup boi
  • WTF i go for a year and they make you a BA. Its like watching a re run of trumps Cabinet picks :P
  • *respams*
  • somehow my board/forum got stuck in German. I have always had a hard time navigating this damned thing before. Now it is nigh impossible. I am trying to send you a PM. am i succeeding?
    • It sounds like what your problem is, that your computer is sensing a lack of FREEDOM unleash your inner EAGLE!!
  • EAGLE!!!
  • pfftttbbbttt
  • yes the partys long gone ;) In another guest book But you have to guess who ;)
  • *spams*
  • This guestbook has no entries in it yet? You've got to be kidding me! Nothing from Bones, Soul, or even Pravada? Time to correct this mistake. [size=10] [/size]:spam:[size=10] [/size]