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    SirGengar the settings of zenith were updated. page 1 of this thread has the up to date specs. I thought Isonoe was best as a mid point between the x2 speed uni and the two x5 speed unis. Once a universe hits 6 months they can request a stat change just like zenith did last year. It was just a suggestion though. 1 of the x5 war speeds could be a target as well. Im in a 6x now and it died as soon as it merged bc it was too fast just fyi.

    Thanks for the info, should have read the whole thread I guess lol. I updated the Zenith settings in my former post.

    Yes everything higher than 4x fleet speed is quite sketchy to play with work and other obligations. Just my opinion though, I value my stress free morning potty time. :biggrin2:

    Thanks for sorting out all the answers! :cool2:

    Here are all the settings of the target unis for comparison, copied from the board info:

    Group 1

    Himalia - 4x Fleet, 10x Economy, 20x Research, 5 Galaxies, 60% DF, 70% Deut, ACS On, Probe Storage Off, +30 Fields, +25k DM

    Volans - 1x War Fleet, 1x Peaceful Fleet, 1x Holding Fleet, 8x Economy, 16x Research, 4 Galaxies, 60% DF, 50% Deut, ACS On, Probe Storage Off, +30 Fields, +8k DM

    Zenith - 2x War Fleet, 5x Peaceful Fleet, 2x Holding Fleet, 8x Economy, 16x Research, 5 Galaxies, 70% DF, 70% Deut, ACS On, Probe Storage Off, +25 Fields, +25k DM

    1x high eco & high fleet speed uni, 1x high eco & low fleet speed uni & 1x low eco & low fleet speed uni (oldschool Ogame) - balanced choices, I like it.

    Group 2

    Gaspra: Economy x8, Fleet Peaceful x6, Fleet Holding x6, War Fleet x1, Research x16, Galaxies 6, DF 80%, 0.6 Deuterium consumption, ACS On, +30 fields, Probes with cargo ON, Deuterium in Debris Fields ON, Flight time/consumption ignore empty and inactive systems ON, 25.000 DM

    Isonoe: Economy x8, Fleet Peaceful x8, Fleet Holding x8, War Fleet x4, Research x16, Galaxies 4, DF 40%, DiDF 50%, 70% Deuterium Consumption, Probes with cargo ON, ACS On, +30 fields, Deuterium in Debris Fields ON, Flight time/consumption ignore empty and inactive systems ON, 25.000 DM

    1x high eco & low war fleet speed uni & 1x high eco & high fleet speed uni

    I think it would be better for the longevity of the Isonoe target uni to drop the 50% DiDF and buff the normal DF values to 60% instead. DiDF unis usually die out pretty quickly and aren't really suited for a large player audience. Just an idea, target unis should be appealing to a wide array of players in order to offer a real choice.

    With the recent update to adjust your UI to whatever language you'd like it's even possible GF is preparing for international merges in the future. I'm not a big fan tbh, some coms are much more toxic than the US is. Getting bashed constantly for no real reason other than player griefing doesn't sound much fun to me.

    Please keep as a target universe, it's the only 10x eco universe and it would be sad to shut it down just to open another 10x eco uni a couple of months later. They did exactly this in the German com and it left many players frustrated with GF.


    It would be appropriate to point out that you bought the account for 700 euros.

    That there is no skill behind it other than a bank card..

    No Well done just big push

    Are these just the usual noob/casher/pusher accusations or do you have actual proof?

    I hope it's just bogus, a RMT biggest OGW would be really lame tbh.

    Big GZ to the attacker and fast recovery to the defender, please keep whaling ungodly amounts of money into this game for the sake of our Himalia server! :biggrin2:

    Server settings on are just perfect the way they are, I'm against any changes.

    ESPECIALLY against defense & Deuterium in debris fields and the weird "Flight time/consumption ignore empty and inactive system" mod - this will make a regular timed fleet save basically impossible in an almost empty universe and screw up daily routine hard for everyone.

    Hi there fellow space settlers!

    First of all big thanks to GF for finally upgrading our server with the new lifeforms expansion! I've been playing around with lifeforms on a couple of German servers and I really like it so far!

    Specifically the German server Vega got the LF upgrade pretty early. Upon implementation of LF into the game the very old stage of the universe was taken into consideration. There you are able to run countless of missions in a very short period of time because every past day of the universe counts towards your daily mission cap, regardless whether LF were available or not at any given time.

    My suggestion to GF is to upgrade to the German Vega version of LF and let players accumulate LF discovery missions retroactively. There would be no change to LF otherwise and every player would gain 55000 (1100x 50) discovery missions instantly.


    - The uni has been pretty dead for a while now, let the few remaining active players have some fun and give them something to do.

    - Artefact farming is tedious but very rewarding. It's the min-maxing endgame stage of Ogame. The discovery mission cap just doesn't make sense in an old universe. Let us quickly capitalize on our already optimized end game accounts.

    - The countless fleet slot boosters from the login events are useless in an empty universe with almost no inactive targets. This change would make them useful again!

    - Some players might spend more DM on fleet slot boosters, insta-clicking researches & LF buildings. (Have to mention this for GF hehehe. :biggrin2:)


    - Casual players who don't have time to fly hundreds of discovery missions a day are at a slight disadvantage. Since the LF update is only really relevant at the later stages of the game it's not a big deal.

    What do you guys think about it? Let me know!

    @GF: If enough people support this suggestion, is such a change possible?

    Have a great day & enjoy the clickfest! :cool2: - DKS / DarkKirchenSteuer