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  • Hello KeVLaR. I have a Boards question. Are there any restrictions about size of images or type of images. I thought there was but cannot find that section in the rules. Regards, Gabby
  • You certainly need more
  • Hurry up and moderate my posts ya slacker :P Just kidding...
    • 4am. I was asleep xD
    • Sleep is for the weak :P (Kidding again)
  • yo yo
  • nasty :3
  • oh sorry Kevlar, my last message "@BUGG" in the thread you closed was INTENDED for the real "Who Posts next" thread. I accidental posted it in the wrong one. Apologies.
    • No problem. I figured as much =P
  • Kevlar, Could u add me in a conversation?
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  • Hey Kev...had a thought...the forum displays the titles of people who hold staff roles...BUT...we no longer are using the 'trial' titles...and the team manger title is missing from the list.... do those need added?
    • thats above my head =P
    • Oh? But you're a BA :P Guess I'll start pestering Ice about it...
    • Be patient. I believe some permissions are being worked out, even with her.
  • Kallisto and Libra's description needs some fixing. It says Kallisto has +31 planetary fields unless that's new. Libra has what %age debris field?
    • Kallisto does have +31. Also I dont see anything wrong with Libra?
    • What is the debris %age? 30%? 50%?
  • if i kill u in japetus u will turn bad with me...
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