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  • hey, you havent played virgo in a long while, how is the account doing? if you dont plan on playing virgo do you mind gifting me?
  • thanks again. Hit me up in virgo or here wherever.
  • ok, was nice talking to you, goodluck on aquarius!
  • will do
  • to explain the account, i havent found any activity in galaxy3 yet, galaxy1 gets scouted all the time. please keep me up to date on what your doing with the account
  • i noticed your second hit on prime
  • You bet!
  • no problem, adding you as a buddy on virgo, because i like to see whats going on ;)
  • Worked. Thanks!
  • 612Z-NOQ9-HSM8-Z95X-93B7 is the gifting code, i will check the account untill you take over ;)
  • on
  • hiii are you on? im checking the trade ticket thing out right now, i want to trade when we both on if we can