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  • Good job reaching bandit, shows you can't hit anything honorable!
  • I see you moved out of our system, scared?
    • ? you think you are the center of the world ? Do you even know how to raid other than hiting on deck or with phalanx ? made 20 M profit today, you ?
    • Clearly I do, I've done many hits. Sorry you are afraid of us. Plus that's the point of a lanx... To help get hits and catch people off guard
    • I am not afraid of you loool You don't even know how to play with a surprise planet or what ? What's the point of keeping it there when there are no surprise ? Your lack of skill amuse me xD You are such a noob that think has some skill I guess, the only thing you got is a lack of it, and a big mouth. You clearly don't understand why I destroyed the planet, your skill is much worth than what I thought then hahahahaha
      I know what a phalanx is, I just said you can only play with it, when it comes to real raiding techniques I guess there is none in your little brain. I bet you couldnt play 2 month on a FR or DE server, here is like vacation for us.
    • Surprise planets don't normally have mines built on them, which you had a few started. Good try. Thank you for saying my skill is worth. Appreciated.
      You clearly play with half your cards then. Lanx is in the game for a reason. And I've had hits without a lanx, as seen in my last 2 hits. Gg though, try again.
    • I just did some metal mines a for fun while waiting xDDD it was metal 8 or something cristal0 deut synth 0 just with the ressources of start + some hours waiting.
      Maybe I can help you read a spy report ? seems you can't even read them lol