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  • private info - hawk
  • *slaps with a fish* where are you???
  • *spams* Earth to Fawkes, come in! Do you copy?
  • Ohh where are you??
  • Welcome back Birdy bird !
  • My man! Where you been?
    • Hey hey Clock! I've been trying to get life back in order...some thing that shouldn't have happened did...but now life is going better, and lots of stuff going on. I'm engaged now too! o.O
  • Heya mate hope all is well - where ever did you get to? :P
    • I am alive...missed the community. You still around Snowy? :p
  • Hope all is well.
  • *leaves a secret bomb* ;)
  • Birdy bird want some birdy nam nam?
  • What must I do to get you on IRC? >_>
  • *spams*
  • nonono.... YOU are cool