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  • private info - hawk
  • Where are those drunken HOF hits man? Been a while since I seen one?
  • Hi Rick,
    How can I talk to you without our conversation posted on your page?
  • Does anyone know how to grill a perfect steak? :)
    • Soak it in Italian dressing add seasoning salt and BAM
    • Thanks Andvari, does it work with medium-rare chicken breast? :)
    • Enjoy dem worms brah lol
  • Why is the sky blue seems to be a silly question, but why is your hair blue is a valid question.... Well? What is your answer?
  • Does a milkshake really bring all the boys to the yard?
  • Oh. Almost forgot.... what did you wear today? :D
  • Why must you hate summer, it’s so beauitful outside!!!!
  • Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near Rick?
    • We're just pests like that. ;)
  • Hi Rick,
    Can you figure out why I can’t write a support ticket?
    • Hi Gabby I'm a but unsure about the nature of your problem? can you please explain to me more specifically is not working? :)
    • When I try to put in a ticket I cannot.
    • I just tried and now it’s working!!
    • Good to hear, let us know if it happens again :)
  • 7 days plus 12 hours from Mr Rude’s last post....to
    Settlers post today. I think we are still in the timeframe
  • Rick
    We were within the war timeline, I think. We got the final hit today. Massive hit on Chumbo. Please check the timeline so we can post to war the hit Settlers made.
  • Please remove my attempt to comment on war post. I put in wrong place.
  • ohh yes..of course....when the USA cowboys insulted me in various posts (and all of them) noone said anything...one I post a CR with some images...of ilarity...that are inside ogame rules...you "intented" as insults!!! americans are always americans....no other explainations are needed
  • Hi Ya! I send you an email, Rick.
  • Hey can I ask were did you get "Wubbalubbadubdub"? XD
    • Rick and Morty.. its a TV show buddy :)
    • oh XD I don't watch that.. hehe I didn't know.. cool
  • A-a-are you s-sure we should do this Rick? :-S
    • What do you think Morty??! Listen to Grandpa and follow my lead
    • B-b-but I just don't think it's a great idea :-+
    • What do you know about ideas Morty.. Your best idea yet have been to sell me deut and even that you fail at.. So please proceed to lecture ME about good and bad ideas Morty...
      You know I'm the smartest guy in the universe.. So when i tell you to do something, it's really good advise.... Morty... .. .
  • Gotta get Schwifty.
  • Hit me up in-game if you are still on to Join TheSloth to help us die ?