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  • *Poke*
    Hey old friend! :D
    • What is going on? Been a LONG time
    • It really has been! Life's been keeping me busy with getting married and moving, and now that I'm settled I have a little time for the oGame community again!
  • hey man! Hope you and Zero are doing well! :D
  • -poke-
    Hey Clock! How are you and Zero doin?
    • Doing great man! Some posts will show up today to illustrate that. You still have LINE?
    • I'll have to look. Would be cool to pop in and talk to y'all! :)
  • Hey clock, long time no see... are my planets and account got deleted at Kalli?
    • Hey man! And yeah a LONG time ago. Actually almost immediately after you moded
    • ah strange i purchased stuffs with money weird they can deleted it like it was nothing wth?
  • The new server looks like it'll be awesome for you and Zero... 3x fleet....50% deut use, lots of debris to create and farm!
  • Wow, at the rate you guys are going, you ain't gonna have anyone on Kalli to fight anymore :P
    • Yeah. Its been awhile since we have anyhow. Its unfortunate when bigger players perma v mode before they were ever even hunted ;)
    • Erm..who's bigger than you, Zero and Hughes? :P
      Still working on Nusakan?
    • Rank & Fleet wise Zero is... yeah just plugging along there.
  • -poke-
    • Hey what’s up?
    • Not much man. How's things in Kallisto? Tell Screwtape I said hey too please! :)
    • Doing great! Where are you playing currently? I'll let him know!
    • I'm on Nusakan for now. Spending more time learning my new role though as a GO :P :)
    • Oh nice! I'll message you there ;) GO... what uni?
  • thanks for proving my point about respect thank you. zero earned your respect! he didnt demand it.
    • and if zero sit around all day, did not work, and demanded you respect him. i believe not only would you not respect him, you would fire him.
  • *spams*