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  • Hello and good morning. I'm a new player to the game but my brother used to play. Apparently there was more than one account in Uriel and Andvari was able to help me with it. I just want to make sure I won't get banned for starting in Rhea. I really don't know which universes my brother played in. Can you let me know or ensure I won't get banned? He doesn't play anymore and won't be coming back to the game. Thank you.
    • Hello, you have a game related issue, you need to contact a GO or the GA :)
  • Hi Iris,
    This is about my post you modified the tag in Rhea US.
    Statistically we will not be able to have a 100M+ damages (atleast more than 3) in solo hits.
    These are the top players in military who are alive(Playing).
    1 stay 888 (368.467) 1.632.640
    2 stay Fleet Cra... (144.374) 1.007.556
    3 stay [NASA] Shrek (251.385) 563.376

    6 stay [ALIEN] Doctor No (25.058) 221.199

    Its highly unlikely 888 and I crash or FleetCrasher and I. So remaining is Fleetcrasher and 888. that can provide 100M+ damage, otherwise there will be no top 10s in Rhea.
    • Hello, in this community, a hit is considered a top 10 when it gets more than 100M total damage (advanced 20%), since your hit has a lower value than the one i mentioned i corrected the tag on it, you can label it as a new top10 as i said, when the TD of the hit is 100m or more
  • you can move my top 10 in Virgo now..thanks
  • Hi, can I get this moved into the top 10 in plz.…e-AVENGERS-A-2-211-800-0/
  • [TOT: 521.872.500] Bocas [MaSTeR] & BeetleJuice [MaSTeR] vs. United Federation [IMPERIAL] (A: 88.589.000, D: 433.283.500)

    Move pls..
  • [TOT: 521.872.500] Bocas [MaSTeR] & BeetleJuice [MaSTeR] vs. United Federation [IMPERIAL] (A: 88.589.000, D: 433.283.500)

    Moved please,,thanks
  • Iris you can move Advanced acs in top2 uriel pls thanks
  • Iris u can move uriel acs hit
  • yes move please . and thank you
  • *spams*
  • Hi, I made a small mistake - a write a post in HoF, but actually I should write it in CR :) Can U delete my post? Or move it?