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  • I miss you and Malache! Hope you are doing well!!
    • Hey Fawkes, congratulations on becoming a Mod here :D I'm doing well and I hope you are doing good too, Malachae was a good GA and I had a good time being in the US team, but then I didn't had enough time anymore to take care of things here and left the team :)
  • Hello
    • Hey DeltaT, I'm happy to see you are still here with us :D
  • *respams*
  • Hi Erik, question on this post: Target selection starts on Tuesday, October 16 and runs until Monday, October 22. No account merges during that week, just target selection. It will start at midnight server time Tuesday, October 16 when the clock hits 00:00:00 :) Is that tonight at midnight to tomorrow night at midnight? Gabby
    • Hey Gabby, It will start tonight at midnight, that's what I meant by it :D
  • *spam* Miss ya Erik
  • When does it open the new universe?
  • Hi Ya Erik! Is this a 40% moon event we are in currently?
  • Hi ya Erik! Do we have a DM discount event coming up soon?
    • Hey Gabby, If it's the one where you get more DM, then it's not coming soon so far :(
  • Sorry. I understand why. I play in Korea. Because it is overseas payment using MasterCard, it seems that it takes time to send money.
    • You can get the problem solved by writing to:
    • OMG thank you very much.
    • Your welcome, just send a ticket there if PAYMENT bans happen in the future :)
  • When is moon event ?
  • Waat about being an TM on .dk hou jpu hpu santa would say youuuuuu ! :P
  • Moon event coming up?
    • No this one :D
  • any new events or discounts or moon shots coming up?
    • Some new events will be posted in a few days, but thank you for reminding me :)
  • thanks for proving me right! too bad ts was wrong
    • why would you like this??
    • Like removed, why are you hating on me for staying ? :(
    • not hating. reread what i wrote. it could go either way
  • Congrats with the position and best wishes in these times. Hopefully everyone helps by his own part and will the community recover.
    • Thank you very much, everyone is doing there part and we admins try to recover the damage :D
  • Red now? Congrats
    • Thank you, I kinda had to take it :D
  • Why u r on VM
    • Didn't have much time to play lately, but I will play again when I have enough time :P
  • Hey man u have a nice acc on Pegasus
    • Thank you, I guess you are one of the people that spies me in there xD
  • *spams*