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  • *spams*
  • Hello Shepp iam back for your happyness ! lets dance and drink a sweet soda...
    • Haha that's nice of you. Means a lot. But they'll delete this board...
  • Hey Thundersheep, just noticed you’re back. Good to see you alive. ^~^
  • When GF merged Wasat and other us universes April 2016, Distressor posted “Thanks for giving me my life back.” We went half to Pegasus as tiny accounts and half to Universe 1 where anyone who tried to play found spider webs between their mouse and keyboard waiting for 1X fleet. lol So we all quit for 9 months then got dragged back in by friends. The break was good. You gave a lot and earned a reputation as very knowledgeable authority on Ogame. More importantly you established yourself as a leader. That along was worth all the energy you put into it. Advanced training in University cannot teach what you learned hands on during interactions with so many people and situations.
    • I agree, I would give my GA status to Thundersheep if I could :D
    • I totally agree with you Gabby, and since the current GA's are trained and handpicked by me and PF they will do just fine. But it's a shame it all had to go down like this.
  • Are you playing in some universe?
    • No not really.. Kinda done with this shit lol. I do have an account on though.
    • I too have an account in but thats too fast for me to play XD
  • No longer on the team? Whats up buddy
  • Thundersheep I wrote to you via support in game. Not sure if you got that message.
  • you should just cancel the chaos if you going to change the universe like that
  • Hi, do you know when is going to be the next moon event? :D
  • Left you a present at .nl ;)
  • Please developed app for iPhone 6 plus or 6s plus or any smart android phone
  • time to wake up thunder
    • time to wake up for you as well ;
    • biy, i saw you online and decided to poke a little fun
  • No sheep?
  • Thanks for support
  • Still my sheep!
  • I did yes lol
  • You used my post
  • :love:
  • Oh hai there :hi:
  • omg xd
  • Sure if thundersheep don't mind lol
  • Bones will you share with me? [img][/img]
  • lol you ant welsh :tongue:
  • Mine sheep it is MINE
  • Go away you are not welsh! :rulez:
  • Teh shep ish mine naow
  • Got 2 people after you now ts lol
  • lol :P
  • Oh no you don't :tongue:
  • I'm taking over now. :borg: