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  • Hi there pls move to top 10 hist my lats new number1 hit.. I really bored in USA server. Game op,game mod and other many players fun of just one side. I never seen before like this uni.. Pls put my last new number1 hit to top10 area.. They will remember me when they saw this hit :) This is enough for me.. I think i will leave from this uni.. i can not play with many idiots ..
  • Hi man, can you move this hit into top 10 ACS hits in uni1.us plz ... https://board.us.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/87259-TOT-10-594-106-000-CuZZeR-NOOB-IsaacAsimov-NOOB-vs-Hykage-ARGH-A-1-664-143-000-D/
  • Funny profile picture dude XD
  • Are you ever going to move my number one in eridanius?
    • Probably not lol jk Ill poke him for you.
    • I would like that, its about month now
    • honestly man you're going to have to link me to your hit. With the removal of tags and new interface I can't find your hit
    • https://board.us.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/83305-TOT-549-765-000-tarikmeister-vs-lighting11-Vlaind-A-123-308-000-D-426-457-000/
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