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    I am gonna cry for you. People like you kill this game more than itโ€™s done for now. Find any excuses if you want. I really donโ€™t care about.

    Take a tissue and go cry, most of you are frauds here. At every step, push, because that's all you can do, you fly like ordinary soft pipes on planets where there are only crawlers. You can't even scan anyone before attacking because you are so confident in your large fleets. So calling someone out for doing legal surgery is pathetic to say the least... Just like dickheads like you

    Donโ€™t worry about SiG team. They still got money to spend. No merit

    It was written by someone who uses a different nickname. The funniest thing is that half of the tops are pushing themselves with fake accounts. They don't even try to hide it (e.g. they have such accounts in their systems). Do you really think people are idiots? Do you think that other players are lying to you that you play without packs and have recorded 10-20 billion points? hahaha you have fantasies. Half of the top guys here can't play strategically and they hope that they've found some old-timers who do fleet saves on DF. Some of you already know that you will have a hard time with us here, and I assure you that this is only the beginning of our fun here...


    I am a player who joined your universe a few months ago. I am a member of the rapidly growing SiG alliance. What quickly caught my eye was the vast military superiority of one alliance. Therefore, I decided to refer to the TOP1 player's proposal.

    - The speed of the fleets in my opinion does not change anything here completely. This change continues to bonus players who have a huge advantage here. (Because how would it help the weaker ones?).

    - Debris field deuterium ON- completely doesn't bother me although it is a convenience/ bonus for flotilla players.

    -Probes with cargo ON- to this day I can't understand why this hasn't been introduced yet. Also yes as much as possible!

    -Flight time/consumption ignore empty and inactive system ON- I haven't played on such settings, I suppose it will cause some problems so personally I am NO

    -50% DiDF well the most important thing here is definitely NOT an option typically for a handful of the best 3-5 players who out of boredom will be able to farm the best miners for a profit and quite a large profit. This is such a biased server setting that I think this setting should not be considered at all on such an old server and such fleets.