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    On Wednesday, November 23, at 10:00 CET we will update OGame Lobby to version 4.8.0.

    This version doesn't bring any visual changes and is mainly improvement on internal systems.

    It will have a short downtime and login session will be expired which will require a new login.


    On Monday, November 21, at 14:00 CET we will update PTS with version 9.1.0-beta3.


    - Fixed the outcome of receiving a huge amount of artifacts from lifeform discovery missions not working.
    - Fixed the lifeform selection page and discovery messages displaying the old bonus value you receive for each level of a lifeform.
    - Several fixes and improvements in the back end.


    On November 4 - 6, our players will be able to buy Newtron, Detroid and Kraken items from the special offer area of the shop using Dark Matter.

    Note: You might see the new Epic items are sorted in the second page. If you are not able to see them sorted, you will find them in the special offers tab.

    Kind regards,

    Your Team


    We will activate in all servers a 7 days daily bonus through the reward system event.

    How does it work?

    - Every day you log in in your account you'll get 100 tritium (commanding staff gives the 20% extra).

    - The event has 7 tiers.

    - Each tier will ask you for an extra 100 tritium. If you log in daily, you'll be able to collect every single day's reward.

    The event starts on 4th of November at 14:00 (14:10 new universes) server time and ends on the 11th of November at 14:00 (14:10 new universes) server time.


    Next Thursday, November 3, we will apply version 9.0.7 on live universes.

    This version adds nothing visible from the game side and it's mostly improvements on internal systems that are needed.

    As usual we will have a 2 phases maintenance:

    - 10:00 CET we will apply on universes

    - 13:00 CET we will apply to the rest of the communities.

    After the 13:00 CET rollout is finish we will bring PTS game rounds to the same version as well.


    We will have a hotfix maintenance today, 21st of October.

    The version applied to the servers will be 9.0.6-pl1 and the schedule is:

    - All live rounds at 12:00 CEST


    - Fixed bug where resources were missing

    Note: This situation only affect live servers and for that reason could not be found during the tests done before the update of 9.0.6 version


    Tuesday, October 18 at 14:00 CEST, we will be applying version 9.0.6 to PTS.

    The update for the Live universes is planned as:

    - October 20 at 10:00 on

    - October 20 at 14:00 on all the other communities

    Please bear in mind that the live server changelog and update dates might change according to the feedback/testing from the PTS phase. We will let you know in advance in case it happens


    - Fixed advertisement when Commander is active

    - Fixed an issue with resources production

    - Several backend fixes

    Your OGame Team


    This year we are celebrating the OGame Anniversary in a different way, with different events. We had the LifeForms Update, the OGame Mobile launch and now: The adventure of Commander Centauri.

    This event will happen on Discord only (for this reason it will be in English), consists of a story, divided in 3 parts and at the end of each part, players will be deciding the next step of Commander Centauri by voting on the 3 given options. Each option corresponds to a discount or ingame event and the option that wins, will be activated on all servers.

    A special temporary channel was created with the name #event-the-adventure-of-commander-centauri where players can only use the indicated reactions to vote on each option.

    Here is the calendar of the event:

    Story publishing Part 1 - 07.10.2022

    Voting phase - 07.10.2022 until 10.10.2022

    Event running from 12.10.2022 until 17.10.2022

    Story publishing Part 2 - 14.10.2022

    Voting phase - 14.10.2022 until 17.10.2022

    Event running from 19.10.2022 until 24.10.2022

    Story publishing Part 3 - 21.10.2022

    Voting phase - 21.10.2022 until 24.10.2022

    Event running from 26.10.2022 until 31.10.2022

    Only the reactions indicated in each option will be valid. The announcement of the winner option will happen on 11.10.2022, 18.10.2022 and 25.10.2022.


    On Monday, 10th of October we will have a network maintenance from 06:00 till 09:00 CEST.
    Due to this, we will have an attack block from 06:00 till 10:00 CEST (from an hour before to an hour after).

    This won't send fleets back, only block attacks.

    Your Ogame.US team


    Tomorrow, 6th of October, we will apply the version 2.8.2 for the OGame Mobile App



    The "Cancel" option has been added to the queue for buildings on servers with active lifeforms

    You can now change your player name


    Fixed some bugs where error messages were not localized.

    Fixed several issues that caused crashes within the app.

    Fixed some visual issues in the message.

    Fixed an issue where you can't speed up the LF search when the queue is full.

    Fixed an issue that caused problems with InApp purchases.

    Your OGame team