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    It's not only US problem. Ogame is dying everywhere. Gameforge removed the referral system, so many people don't even invite friends. This game is hard, that's true. When you finish all tutorial missions you are not good player, there are still many things to learn. It needs time, and you can have destroyed your fleet and resources with one mistake, it's it is very demotivating. And since last ~2 years there are many bugs, sometimes they are critical. And Gameforge can't fix them, or when they do, they also creating more bugs. I don't know, but I think the game code is too old and too complicated for new changes, and when they update some part of the game, the other part is creating bugs. To avoid it in the future they should rewrite whole game, but they won't do it, because Ogame is not 1st on the GF's priority list. They are slowly killing this game.