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    I played already in server that were having the DiDF, there was much more action than in regular server and at the end of the day, miner adapt their way to play. by experience, I can tell it bring more game play

    Good proposal on my point of view. all points looks very good, specially the DiDF. to answer to you on this topic L'Arkana, if in anyway the universe is dead, this would bring more fun for the raider, make that player does not hide anymore behind bunker (which is part of killing the game) and also more possibilities for action (take DS on return, defend on DS and so on) so for me would bring more action.

    all fleet x5 looks reasonable to me.

    big support for these changes

    I agree with you L'Arkana, the issue is the rollback! why did they made this rollback when the previous version was at least playable? why not coming back to this previous version that was playable? and then fix the new version on the background. now we can't just play...

    I have the same issues. yesterday was still working well, I do not understand this "rollback" to go on the V10.1.0 were actually nothing is working... why not going to a previous version that was at least playable???

    at least on the version of yesterday, even it was not perfect but at least we could play, but not anymore.

    When I send ticket to GO, the answer is "developers are aware and working on it, please refrain from some action"

    Wouah, I just need to refrain from some action... best solution ever! and what about: before sending live a new version of the game, testing it properly in order to be sure that it is working?

    I mean, if I would provide this kind of services at my job, I would not be more longer on that job...

    Really hope that a solution will be found soon and some compensation will be given for this mess

    looking at this suggestion and see that it never happened. I think it would be great also to have some kind of cooldown avoiding the vmode warrior style. the same kind of block of attack as we are currently having when the admin block the attack because of server issues. all other missions are still working. a cooldown of 12h or 24h would be appreciated.

    I'm from the group of people that think that this v-mode warrior strategy is killing the game. make the user of the strategy having a huge asset but the core user that are developing daily and making the universe lives are having big disadvantage with this strategy.

    This kind of cooldown would also make people think more about going to vmode. I think this would make people being more active and give more life to the servers

    Because you are in the same team like i said

    very strong rational to not show the conversation.

    either you have something and I'm in anyway aware about it. but by reading the different conversation, nothing was agreed for a nap between teams => then you might have understood wrong

    either you don't have anything and you are just frustrated that the deut you are selling was used to destroy the fleet of your team mate

    but if you are telling that you have proof of any agreement, please show them and don't hide behind excuses

    Well done Keno!

    for the record and even some pretend the opposite, no nap have been agreed and completed between alliances. one player of their team was selling deut to Keno but it didn't involved a nap between team. this have been clear and stated since the beginning. they wanted to get closer but didn't give any feedback since weeks. it smell more like a frustration trying to discredit the team. "seum, seum, seum" as frenchies would say.

    anyway at least defender was fairplay, unlike some of his team mates, FR to him

    Following your idea, a merge intercommunity would be then better. If you select from couple communities server that are having different specification (for exemple fleet speed x1 and x6 in ORG, fleet speed x2 and x4 in US) and then you let the possibility for those different players to chose between those different server options, that would be great.

    the problem now is that all the server in US are almost dead with very less players. the merge has the purpose to repopulate them but the way it's done is not the best according to most of the players. if you merge two communities, you give more option for target server and also make the servers bigger in term on amount of players

    Even some to be not happy about the target universe for this merge, on my point of view, this merge plan is fine and I fully agree with it.

    However, it is true that it would have been better that the community would be consulted before the official announcement.

    look like we have a bad loser here...

    well done kenobi, it was at the end easy hit, not much skill on the other side. as you wrote on the RP, some people should be more humble and less arrogant.

    neo, you found better than you, just admit it and stop finding excuse. I made myself the observation on you, you were not playing during nights, you were having that gap. stop lying please. and your accusation of alt account, this is also a pure invention of yours... those two guys are even not on the same country... so just admit that you are limited by your skills, you found better player than you and learn to respect people...

    The point is that where ever the top 5 account US will arrive, those server will be diying anyway. You can be sure that for my team, even after merge, if one of those top 5 US account show up on our server, we will all go Vmode and then go to the graveyard and most probably many other player will do the same => result will be the same. there is no fun for the community to play in server where you know that you will be hunted all the time and there is nothing you can do about it. so for me yildun should be a target server, if big player want this challenge, they will go there. if player want fair gameplay, they will go to other place...

    -4 Targets looks good to me and those 4 speeds possibilities look good as well

    -I would also put all those server to 0,5 deut consumption for all server to also make it equal in the choice of the server and then if other modification, this could be done on the server poll

    an example:

    For me it would make more sense to have Yildun as target instead of Janice:
    -Yildun is older server

    -they have same speed characteristics

    -there is more active player in yildun than in Janice, less work to be done

    I would keep as target:





    To rebound on the merge with ORG, I would not do it, prefer to stay into US community

    Do you think that would be better to have only one group, for example:
    - Targets: Japetus, Spica, Tarazed, Yildun
    - Exodus: everything else.

    This look to me a good plan, keeping 4 target servers, Japetus, Spica, Yildun and Himalya (not Tarazed) and from those target server, I would keep a high eco speed on each of them and change from them the fleet speed to have different option of fleet speed (for example: x2, x4, x6, x8). all player from other server could then choose the server they want to join based on those different speed criteria

    Mando Vs B5, new page.

    The war is still on going between mando and B5 alliance. After the hit on Luthor, Octopus and Architects were trying couple moves but not successful. Both sides are trying to not make mistake but when this happen, here is the result:

    On 12-05-2021 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker Theviking23 [Mando]


    Destroyer 23.263

    Reaper 6.975

    Battleship 12.762

    Battlecruiser 29.207

    Cruiser 73.732

    Pathfinder 36.305

    Light Fighter 778.624

    Heavy Fighter 234.359

    Small Cargo 101.169


    Attacker Kenobi [Mando]


    Destroyer 100.482

    Reaper 50.275

    Battleship 10.354

    Battlecruiser 101.502

    Cruiser 299.266

    Pathfinder 39.101

    Light Fighter 2.086.024

    Heavy Fighter 552.122


    Attacker Rider [Mando]


    Espionage Probe 69


    Attacker Deinosuchus [Mando]


    Espionage Probe 69


    Defender Giant Space Octopus [B-5]


    Small Cargo 33.625

    Large Cargo 89.833

    Light Fighter 1.021.292

    Heavy Fighter 30.510

    Cruiser 321.806

    Battleship 31.030

    Colony Ship 3

    Recycler 126.688

    Espionage Probe 86.088

    Bomber 564

    Destroyer 134.177

    Deathstar 804

    Battlecruiser 33.125

    Reaper 49.252

    Pathfinder 7.323


    After the battle ...

    Attacker Theviking23 [Mando]


    Destroyer 21.494 ( -1.769 )

    Reaper 6.470 ( -505 )

    Battleship 11.158 ( -1.604 )

    Battlecruiser 26.234 ( -2.973 )

    Cruiser 55.759 ( -17.973 )

    Pathfinder 26.905 ( -9.400 )

    Light Fighter 359.752 ( -418.872 )

    Heavy Fighter 137.568 ( -96.791 )

    Small Cargo 46.456 ( -54.713 )


    Attacker Kenobi [Mando]


    Destroyer 92.796 ( -7.686 )

    Reaper 46.621 ( -3.654 )

    Battleship 8.775 ( -1.579 )

    Battlecruiser 90.836 ( -10.666 )

    Cruiser 223.002 ( -76.264 )

    Pathfinder 28.534 ( -10.567 )

    Light Fighter 946.439 ( -1.139.585 )

    Heavy Fighter 318.459 ( -233.663 )


    Attacker Rider [Mando]


    Espionage Probe 32 ( -37 )


    Attacker Deinosuchus [Mando]


    Espionage Probe 25 ( -44 )


    Defender Giant Space Octopus [B-5]




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    10.800.000 Metal, 36.905.625 Crystal and 191.650.687 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 16.306.761.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 54.949.373.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 19.736.616.107 metal and 11.985.528.396 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 239.356.312 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    The attacker(s) captured the debris.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 9.462.199.107

    Crystal: 6.778.690.021

    Deuterium: -586.149.313

    The attacker(s) made a profit of 15.654.739.815 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -30.300.938.000

    Crystal: -19.433.508.625

    Deuterium: -5.454.282.687

    The defender(s) lost a total of 55.188.729.312 units.

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    A small part of debris field have been stolen by Zarald and Architects, good job to them, about 1G of metal (estimated)

    We wish a good recovery to Octopus and hope that he will come back soon, the last discussion with him were more appropriate and gentle, this is the way... ;)

    big up to all mando team and friends all over the univers. Special big up to René! :ninja: