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    Deepsea When I crashed the 13K cruisers into you I was only downsizing, not scrapping the whole fleet (which I only decided to do once the war was declared). I sure hope you didn't think I was fully scrapping my fleet back then, because that would mean you knew the whole declaration of war was straight up useless.

    But keep accusing me of that after I've made myself fully willing to prove I am online anytime you see any activity from me, and after you reported me with all your compelling evidence and nothing happened. "I can't crash his fleet, he must be cheating!"

    Deepsea Hell yeah I scrapped my fleet because I was scared you were going to get me. What else am I gonna do? Rename a planet to "crash me" and just let the whole fleet sit there?

    But hey, you gotta admit it was pretty cool how I made you stay offline for a whole hour just to ninja an attack I was planning on scrapping anyway :D

    Let there be no questions unanswered. I'm the target. They've been trying to get my fleet for weeks now. Only way they're gonna do it is if they declare war and don't need to abide by bashing rules anymore.

    So I scrapped my fleet. Problem solved. Even got a nice pm saying "oh no why you scrap fleet so many points so odd you'd wanna do it out of nowhere like this."

    So yeah, gonna play the economy game now (: