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    It would seem it does because I cannot select one of the universes. Is this intended or a bug?

    This his happening to me too, from the 4 target universes i can only choose one and im not sure why.

    Cannot get a transfer off of Rosalind to anywhere, there is no target universe showing up, so I cannot merge from Rosalind at all. Granted it's Group 2, but if it starts today, it should start today yes?

    From the announcement thread:

    • It might happen that the desired target doesn't show immediately for you to select. In this case, if you want we can help to move the account but for that we will need some steps:
      - Select one of the available targets that you have and transfer the account there.
      - Do not interact with the "bridge" universe.
      - Send us a support ticket with which bridge universe you used and your desired target.
      These steps are needed for you to have the relocations since a manual merge of the account won't grant any relocation or perk.

    Ok, and I could go on any us server if I am top 20 in every category, on every server?

    If you would place in the top 20 ranks of every US server in any category, you can select any server in the US community in which to merge.

    The only stipulation there is the server must be 1 year or older.

    If you are in the top 20 in any category for every server within a different community, you are not allowed to merge into that community.

    At that point, you must find a different target server in a different community.

    If there are no communities where you can merge, then you must select a target server in the US as this is your origin community.

    I have no information regarding the merge item.

    As far as I know, there is a plan to release it in the future but it is not yet in a stable state for release.

    As soon as we know anything about it, we will post it here on the forum.

    If you go inactive for 60+ days and merge to the graveyard, you can merge to any community if you follow these rules:

    • Your account cannot place in the top 20 ranks of the desired target server in any category (total points, military strength, etc.)
    • The desired target server must be older than 1 year old.

    As posted, the US will be having universe merges in the near future.

    This thread is for our community to discuss anything related to the merges.

    Common Questions Answers
    Not all targets are showing up! What do I do?
    It might happen that the desired target doesn't show immediately for you to select. In this case, if you want we can help to move the account but for that we will need some steps:

    - Select one of the available targets that you have and transfer the account there.
    - Do not interact with the "bridge" universe (read: stay in vacation mode and do not do anything). - Send us a support ticket with which bridge universe you used and your desired target.
    - Shoot a staff member a PM with your ticket number so we can try and get you merged as quickly as possible.

    These steps are needed for you to have the free relocations since a manual merge of the account won't grant any relocations or perks.
    I merged my account and it's showing as banned!
    This is normal and is done to ensure the merge is done correctly. The original account will be banned and deleted after 7 days or when the universe closes (whichever comes first) and the new account will be unbanned after a few hours at most.

    Please only send in a ticket about this if your account is still banned after the time shown on your lobby.
    Is it possible to merge to another community with this merge? No, it is not possible. The targets presented are the targets available.
    Is it possible to merge from an exodus universe in one group to a target in the other group? No, you can only merge into target universes in the same group.
    Are we blocking the creation of new accounts in target universes? No, the only account creation which will be blocked is in the exodus universes.
    Is it possible to merge from one target universe to another target universe? No, it is not possible. The only way to merge out of a target universe is via the Graveyard.
    Does the top 20 rule apply to this merge? No. This is a forced merge so any target may be selected regardless of a player's rank.
    Will my planets be in the same spot in the target as they were in the exodus universe? Gameforge will make every effort to place your planets where they were in your exodus universe, however, it might not be possible. In cases where it is not possible, there will be a free relocation provided (one per repositioned planet) which can be used at a later date.
    If I do not choose a target universe, what will happen with my account? Will it go to the Graveyard? Your account will be merged to a random target universe, but please see the answer in this -->post<--.
    Will players with accounts in target universes get free planet relocations? No. Only players leaving exodus universes are eligible for free planet relocations.
    Why was my universe chosen as a target or exodus? There are a lot of considerations Gameforge takes into account when coming up with a merge plan. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make every player happy with a forced merge and given the uniqueness of each universe it is difficult to find a suitable target universe for every exodus universe. Exodus universes were selected due to various criteria which only Gameforge knows, however, many have so few active players that moving to a more active universe will hopefully increase player enjoyment.

    In this case, every war fleet speed was a consideration and every war fleet speed is represented in the target choices. The rest of the universe statistics are fairly similar among the targets. The universes which were selected as targets already have the space necessary to accept a lot of players, a requirement many universes did not have.

    Are there any plans to implement an attack ban before/during/after the merges? The only time an attack ban will be implemented is if something goes wrong. At this time, there are no plans to implement any attack bans.
    What should I do if I can only merge my account to a universe where I already have an account? Unfortunately, it is not possible to merge the two accounts into one and it is not allowed to play more than one account per universe. In this case you must place one of the accounts into v-mode and leave it in v-mode permanently. You are allowed to log into the account once every 30 days to prevent it from deleting. This will allow you to find a new owner for the account which can be exchanged using the Gameforge lobby account gifting tokens.
    Will it be possible to alter the target server settings once the merges are completed? Once all the dust of the merges settles, server polls should be available for server setting changes which includes the ability to change a particular fleet speed setting such as the peaceful fleet speed setting. These polls will follow the standard server change poll process.
    What are the settings of the target universes? See the spoiler below for a full breakdown of the universe settings. Please note that these settings may be changed at a later date if required.
    EDIT: Updated for the Jan 2023 Merges.
    If I transfer my account to a target universe while the login event is ongoing, will my tritium transfer over? No. Any tritium obtained won't carry over to the target universe and you'll lose all progress with the login event prior to that point, meaning that you'll start from tier 1 again.
    As an alliance founder having to re-create my alliance in the target universe, do I have to wait out the 14 day cooldown before I can set the alliance class for free? No. For merged accounts in the target universes, the 14 day cooldown has been temporarily waived, meaning you should be able to assign your free alliance class immediately. Once the merge has finished, this cooldown will be reinstated.

    Dear community,

    Starting on March 21st at 06:00 server time and ending on April 4th at 05:00 server time the US community will have merges taking place.

    There will be two groups for our merges which will look like this:

    Group 1

    Exodus: Japetus (136)
    Indus (161)
    Janice (162)
    Kalyke (163)
    Leda (164)
    Mensa (165)
    Norma (166)
    Octans (167)
    Target: Spica (145)
    Tarazed (146)
    Yildun (151)
    Himalia (160)

    Group 2

    Exodus: Quasar (169)
    Rosalind (170)
    Target: Pasiphae (168)
    *Fields will change from +25 to +30
    Sombrero (171)

    To see other community merges, you can visit this thread over on the ORG forum. For general information on how merges work, what will be transferred over to the new universe, and what will not be transferred, please refer to this post.

    To discuss the merges or to ask questions, head over to our US merge discussion thread!

    Best regards,

    Your Team

    It is good you are having this discussion but unfortunately the change cannot be implemented immediately.

    There will be an announcement on the forum when the server change discussions should start.

    This is a process governed by Gameforge and they do it on average about every 6 months.

    However, with all the different community merges I suspect it will be done a bit later this next time around.

    So, please keep on discussing and build a consensus among your players for when the server poll process starts.

    Keep an eye on the News section for the start of the server change process.


    Hello commanders!

    On Tuesday, the 15th of March, we will have our monthly maintenance. It will happen between 10:00 and 10:25 CET (between 04:00 and 04:25 server time), but the actual downtime will only be a few minutes.

    Best regards,

    Your Team

    Hello commanders!

    We will activate in all servers a 7 days daily bonus through the reward system event.

    How does it work?

    - Every day you log in in your account you'll get 100 tritium (yes, commanding staff gives the 20% extra).

    - The event has 7 tiers.

    - Each tier will ask you for an extra 100 tritium. If you log in daily, you'll be able to collect every single day's reward.

    The event starts on the 25th of February at 08:10 and ends on the 4th of March at 08:00, all is server time.

    Your Team

    Hello commanders!

    On the 25th of February, Volans will be joining the family. As usual, it will open around 08:00 server time (14:00 CET).

    The new universe settings will be:

    Economy speed: 8x

    Research speed: 16x

    War Fleet speed: 1x

    Peaceful Fleet speed: 1x

    Holding Fleet speed: 1x

    Debris field: 60%

    Galaxies: 4

    Deuterium consumption: 50%

    ACS: On

    Bonus fields: +25

    DM: 8.000

    Category: Miner

    Best regards,

    Your Ogame.US Team

    Thanks to all.

    I'm leaving. The servers are dead, i will go v-mode and then move to another country. It's sad that there is no merge or try to be more "active" here.

    Merges are coming at a much more rapid pace than they have in the past.

    It seems you only need to be patient.

    As for Vice Ferret's post - there is no truth in it.

    Currently, there are only two merges active - .de and .it and they are staying as communities.

    You can follow the merge thread here if you wish.

    And no, Rav3n does not know any more about them than he is told.

    He makes the posts because I do not want to deal with the formatting.


    Live Servers

    Hello commanders!

    On 15th of February, we will bring the version 8.6.0-pl2 to the live servers.

    The update will come at 13:00 CET to (07:00 server time).

    The final changelog for the live servers is:

    [Bugfix]: Several backend issues are fixed with this update. Players will not notice any changes.

    Best regards,

    Your Team