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    As I was saying somewhere else, I ended up to the conclusion that Gameforge will anyway go forward to implement new shop-related stuff to the game, so, at least sometimes it could be something that i'm interested with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Suggestion explanation:

    A set of 6 items to rise or reduce the temperature of the planet, coherently with the min. temp and max temp. of the position where the planet is located in the solar system.


    100k mo +X/-X temp

    50k mo +X/-X temp

    30k mo +X/-X temp


    If possible, making the objects stackable for diversity, which means that you can't use more than 1 of the same type (like 4 +10 temp) but you could for example combine the +20, +10 and +5 togheter for a maximum of +35° / -35° celsius (sorry for using celsius here).

    By the way, if the items will not be stackeble I would say that the mas temp for single-item should not be higher that a +35 / - 35 (since the max temp range is by 40° from each planet position).

    The temperature incrementation or decrementation should not in any case go beyond the temperature limit for that planet orbit.


    the planet in our example is situated in position 5 and has a maximum temperature of 67° celsius.

    the maximum temperature range for every planet located on position 5 is between 60° and 100° celsius.

    using the items for a +20+10+5 (or for a single +35° ) on that planet will results in: 35° (item additional temp) + 67° (original temp) = 103°

    the additional 3° will be discarded and a maximum temperature of 100° will be set as the end result, because, as said before, the items should not in any way overcome the maximum of max temp allowed in that planet position / planet orbit.

    Suggestion reasons:

    Allow players to have a new feature to perfectionate their accounts in a reasonable way, also giving to Gameforge a chance to increase profits, expecially for old servers probably, which are the ones where it still struggle, allowing to reduce the maintenance costs for them

    Eventual comments:

    Alot of items of that kind already exists, it would enrich the choices and it's not something overally bad, it doesn't realy hurt anyone, also it wouldn't be anything new on the scenario, in the end we should remember that Gameforge it's a joint-stock-company