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    Dear Users,

    Since many of you use Gmail to register accounts on our games, our support or other services, we would like to remind you that Google will start deleting inactive accounts in December 2023.

    Please make sure that your account is active to avoid a possible deletion.

    For further information on what Google identifies as an inactive account, please refer to the following Google's inactive Account policy:

    Best Regards,

    Your Gameforge Team

    Hello commanders!

    Today, Friday October 20, we will have a hotfix maintenance to tackle some issues with fleet queues and resource production reported recently:

    - at 10:00 CEST Undae

    - at 13:00 CEST all the live universes

    Note: Please be aware that during the maintenance several logouts from the game are expected. It is known that it happens and we are already working on a solution for it.

    The OGame Team

    Hello commanders!

    On Wednesday, June 14 at 09:45 CEST, we will start update live rounds with version 10.0.0.
    We will split the 10.0.0 release in several groups. For now, the Group 1 considers only a few communities and servers (other groups and dates will be communicated later).

    The universes that will be updated to version 10.0.0 are:

    - Himalia *

    * Non-LF universe updated to Version 10.0.0. Please note that Lifeforms is not enable with the update.

    :arrow: HT access will be activated for the maintenance and with effect since the beginning (09:45 CEST).

    Attack block will be active on the affected rounds:
    - Start: 13.06.2023 17:00 CEST
    - End: 14.06.2023 17:00 CEST

    :attention: Note 1: This is a version update, doesn't affect anything regarding Lifeforms enable or disable.

    :attention: Note 2: The universes that are update with version 10 will have the inactive transfers deactivated. This means that no transfers will be possible to these universes.

    Your OGame Team

    Hello commanders!

    After 4 years it is time for to have a "new" Community Manager.

    Schneeprinz is joining family! He's a experience CM and I'm pretty sure you'll be in good hands and getting along nicely.

    I'm still around for some more days during this transition phase and from now on he will be the responsible for the community.

    Thank you all for the amazing for years where thanks to all of you I had the opportunity to learn a lot.

    Best wishes for all the community,


    Hello The Reaper.

    Before opening the poll ingame we need a forum discussion about the suggestion to find a common change suggestion.

    Please ask more universes players to participate on the discussion.

    Only one suggestion and request is not enough for a ingame poll and most likely won't bring any of the desired changes.


    The idea might be to have Lifeforms on all the servers but we don't have any date for implementing it on the old ones yet.

    So, for now no, it won't be possible to have a vote for it. For the future, I cannot tell for sure how it will be applied for the old universes, but it is an extension so it can be active or not no matter of the server version (after v9).

    Dear community,

    unfortunately it is sad news that bring me back to this thread.

    Due to personal matters the Admins v0ldem0rt and kewlness are no longer on the team.

    I honestly hope to see them back again within our ranks soon and wish the best!

    Hello commanders!

    With the introduction of the new OGame App, the current iPad application will be removed from the AppStore.
    This means that every iPad account that is not connected to a account might be lost.

    In order to prevent any issues please make sure to make the account portable.

    When opening the iPad app the following message pop up:

    Go to the account list and click on the mentioned symbol:ipadPT.png

    Add the desired email/password:

    As stated, insert a valid email address and the desired password (it will be the Lobby credentials to login on a browser) and click "Make portable".

    The last step is to open the browser on your computer or smartphone and login with the credentials chosen above.
    - If the used credentials are for a new Lobby account, as soon as you login the new account will be created and the game account linked to it.
    - If the used credentials are from an existent Lobby, when accessing to you game accounts list you'll see a warning with "We have found more game accounts that use the same email address. Click here and link them to your lobby!". After clicking on it you'll get a email message with a link to confirm, click on it and the account will be added to the Lobby.

    If you have any questions please contact us through the support system.

    Your OGame Team

    OGame Mobile – Be There from the Start!


    Hello commanders!

    From 1st June 2022, you can try out the OGame App with other fans and support the development team with its design.

    Test the most important game mechanics such as research, development and defence on mobile devices now, and share your observations, impressions and experiences with us. This will help us incorporate your improvement suggestions into the app’s development going forward.

    Scan the relevant QR code and download the app! Please note that the number of downloads is limited.

    If you can’t download the app today because the maximum number of beta testers has already been reached, don’t give up, just try again later. We’ll keep increasing the number of beta testers over the next few days so that we can achieve the best possible game experience for everyone taking part.

    With a little patience, you’ll soon be managing your fleets and resources from your smartphone.

    Play OGame now on smartphone and PC! Command your fleets – any time, any place!

    Discover the new OGame mobile app!

    We look forward to seeing you and can’t wait to hear what you think!

    Your OGame Team


    From Tuesday 31st of May at 18:00 until Wednesday 1st of June at 23:59 server time, we are having a 25% Happy Day for all servers younger than 12 months.

    The servers older than 12 months will have a 100% Happy Day running!


    Best regards,

    Your Team

    Hello commanders!

    On Monday, May 30 at 13:00 CEST, we will implement version 8.7.2 on the live servers.


    - Fixed issue where the Dark Matter shop wasn't opening with Mobile View

    - Combat report no longer missing how many Reapers were used to recycle debris and how many Recyclers/Pathfinders were needed for original debris

    - Backend fixes

    Note: Please bear in mind that after the first phase and until the second phase finishes it is not possible to move accounts from the graveyard to other communities besides

    Please be aware that an update can always cause logouts and possibly very short downtimes.

    Your Team

    Hello commanders!

    Tomorrow, 11 of May, between 8:15 and 8:45 CEST some game rounds will go under maintenance.
    Attack block will be set from 8:00 to 9:30 CEST

    The affected universes will be:

    - Spica

    - Tarazed

    Best regards,

    Your Team

    Hello commanders!

    Due to an issue with the data center, the following servers were inaccessible for a time:

    Spica US

    Because of this, we will set an attack block on these servers until 13:00 CEST today. Please note that this will only affect anything between when the server are back up until 13:00, not attacks that get resolved while the servers are down.

    Your Team

    Hello commanders!

    Unfortunately there's a setting changed needed for Group 2 that was missing due to the universes age and therefore when trying to transfer the account no target was displayed.

    This change was requested and should have effect during the following days.

    We are still able to transfer manually the accounts if you want to but in order to keep the transfer perks we suggest to wait for it to unlock from your end.

    We appologize for the inconvenience and feel free to send a ticket in case of doubts.