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    Today at 13:00 CET we will run an update to version 7.1-rc20:

    • [Bugfix] It is not possible now to open several jumpgate pages in one tab.
    • [Bugfix] The research time does not increase anymore after using an item (Newtron) to shorten it.

    Changelog 7.1.0-rc15

    - The DiDF factor is fixed in the servers where it is active.

    - The fleetbox has a stable loading time now.

    - The transport mission for the espionage probes in the servers where the cargo is active is available again.

    - The amount of offers per page in the marketplace has been changed from 10 to 25.

    This version will go live at 13:00 CET, today (18.12).

    The configuration of all the new server settings has started.

    The actual update could take up to an hour to start after the settings are done.

    Since the update is WW, meaning, most of the servers have to go through it, it could take up to 4 hours to have the update visible in all servers.

    We are moving forward, but please be patient.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    When you have an active Discoverer class, the formula works as follow: (Baseloot + Classbonus) * ecospeed.
    Example on default values in a speed 5 universe: (1 + 0.5) * 5.

    The Pathfinder gives a boost of *2 on the base loot of an expedition.
    Both can be combined, so if you are a Discoverer and are flying with Pathfinders: (Baseloot + Classbonus) * ecospeed * 2

    Without any bonus, your baseloot is simply "1".

    The bonus will be for the new colonizations only, not for the previous ones. Not possible to give for the previous ones a bonus that wasn't even ingame, and with the relocations you already had your profit for the version where you use them.

    Just like we won't be giving WF for all the attacks in the previous 17 years because now with some class you'll get some ships back.

    The effect of the bonus are for actions after the new version and not for actions before it.

    The Dark Matter on the expeditions is a probability and you should not look for expeditions to be a way to load your account with Dark Matter, it is a premium currency and it's normal that it won't be so easy to have a lot of it with the few clicks to send a expediction. It's possible to get yes but you need to send a lot of expeditions and look for the +9 event.

    As Caldsteven said and well it was a bit to high for the purpose of the expeditions.


    It would be extremely helpful if in the expedition results it would say "Small" X, "Medium" X, or "Large" X. Such as a "Small sized asteroid with X metal", a "Medium sized asteroid with X metal", a "Large sized asteroid with X metal", a "Small fleet of Pirates", a "Medium Fleet of Aliens", a "Large amount of X Dark Matter was recovered"

    Regarding this, I don't know if it will be considered or not, but I can tell you that you can make a suggestion about it, discuss it with the community and I'll forward it. :)

    Version 7.1.0-rc11

    Hello commanders!

    We are having an update with hotfixes at 16:00 CET.


    • Fixed a bug where the function to switch pages on the marketplace was broken.
    • Fixed a bug where the clickable range on marketplace ranges when opening a new offer did not work correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where defense appeared in wreck fields.
    • Took out the bonus of the Discoverer class on expeditions for Dark Matter.
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn't send your fleet while your energy is negative.
    • Fixed a bug where your bonus productions (items, commanding staff etc) were wrong when your energy was negative.
    • Fixed a bug where resources increased in vacation mode.
    • Fixed a bug where counter-espionage fights would always happen as long as the chance wasn't 0%.
    • Fixed a number of bugs on Internet Explorer 11.
    • Adjusted the production when energy is dependent on Fusion reactors and no Deuterium is around.

    Important Information regarding the update:

    • There are reports of people believing their resources are resources resetting when they refresh the page. This is not the case. If you don't have enough energy / no Deuterium but only fusion reactors, your counters are shown to wrongly count up. Refreshing the page fixes this, so the amount you have after a refresh is the correct one. To avoid this, leave some Deuterium behind and ensure that your energy production can handle everything.
    • The Marketplace takes out all offers, searches, etc automatically after 3 days if they aren't taken. The fee will be deducted as if it was manually cancelled.
    • There is a limit to how many offers/searches you can open. Your free slots are visible under 'Fleet'. You get additional slots with the Collector class or by increasing your computer technology level.
    • Your marketplace messages stay for 7 days. After that, your trades are automatically delivered.
    • The amount of Crawlers shown in your resource setting is the working amount, not the total amount. Your working amount of Crawlers is capped by your total mine levels. Only working Crawlers consume energy and produce.
      How to calculate the active Crawlers:
      (Metal Mine level + Crystal Mine level + Deuterium Syn level)*8
      Example: (21 +20+19) * 8 = 480 active crawlers - no point to build 481 as only 480 will be used

      How to calculate the Crawler bonus for class Discoverer and General:
      (Metal Mine level + Crystal Mine level + Deuterium Syn level)*8*0.0002

      How to calculate the Crawler bonus for class Collector:
      (Metal Mine level + Crystal Mine level + Deuterium Syn level)*8*0.0002*1.5
    • All Class bonification on speed etc are on the base values of the ships.
    • You can only have one class! Deactivating or changing it causes the old one to be permanently lost! You will lose the bonification associated to your previous class when you switch it.
    • There was a change with the debris fields. Before, we had a maximum cap of resources that could go into a expedition debris field, now it’s a percentage. 20% for Discoverer, 10% for everyone else.

    Hello commanders!

    Today, 9th of December at 13:00 CET we will update all servers that contain 7.0 ( into the version 7.1.0-rc3.

    Here you can see the changelog.

    And 2 additional lines added to it:

    - The marketplace works now with market slots, therefore the 2 extra fleet slots for the collector class have been removed.

    - The marketplace ratio will work now based on finished transactions and not based in open offers.


    Dear community,

    here is the list of international winners for the MCO event!

    1. DE Technocrat Trojan 453.876 points
    2. FR Astar 430.669 points
    3. PL Free Moons 393.848 points
    4. DE kOeGy 371.175 points
    5. US ALS 350.732 points
    6. PL Fess 347.061 points
    7. PL Metaphysics 342.019 points
    8. PL ale cios 333.727 points
    9. DE Tsy 327.416 points
    10. PL Shimano 309.267 points
    11. FR Napoleon I 302.883 point
    12. FR Louis XIV 281.953 points
    13. FR RGKT 281.065 points
    14. FR Zykra 268.529 points
    15. FR Balkany 249.485
    16. DE Uri Geller 248.580 points
    17. FR Lord Rover 243.618
    18. TR Zorbot 226.447 points
    19. PL Liquidation Engine 220.906 points
    20. DE Peperoni 218.116 points

    Congratulations everybody!

    The winners will receive a mail to get their rewards within the next few days.

    Dear community,

    thank you all for taking part in the Mega Content One event we had these past 2 weeks.

    As the event finished yesterday, we already have the top 3 winners per community!

    Here is the top 3 winners of US:

    Top 1: ALS with 350.732 points

    Top 2: CrOw with 98.243 points

    Top 3: Gaby with 98.145 points

    You will receive an e-mail to the address you used on your game account for the event within the next days.

    Congratulations to all of you!

    The top 20 winners internationally will be announced tomorrow, 28th of November.


    Your OGame Team.

    Hello Commanders,

    tomorrow, 26th of November, we will have a update in the PTS (Origin and Bermuda), at 11:00 CET.


    • Missing inactivity indications on alliance & buddy list are back.
    • The resources counter while being on vacation mode remains on 0 now.
    • The button to finish building with the DM doesn't show now when on Vmode.
    • If you change your username you won't get logged out.
    • When the robot factori in us the queue, the upgrade will also count for the next building in queue.
    • Additional marketplace slots for the collector are visible.
    • The spacedock / graviton is only possible if energy is available.
    • The destination of the fleet shows properly when a moon is destroyed.
    • The marketplace messages show now delivered and not empty.
    • In the galaxy view, the option to spy your own moon in shown now.
    • Random fleet slots blocked are not blocked anymore.
    • The counter of resources is synced when switching pages.
    • The tutorial shows up after class selection.
    • The cargo capacity doesn't show a negative value on the page 3 of the fleet.
    • The eventbox doesn't have a random endless loading time anymore.
    • The mouseover on the moon is now on the right side.
    • The technology to increase the cargo capacity cworks now for the pathfinder.
    • In the relocation time, there is a warning now when you start building something.
    • The activity star doesn't show for all planet when accessing the empire view.
    • The deut consumption is calculated properly now for recyclers in the general class.
    • The moon icon on the fleet page is not active when going to position 16.
    • The display issue on the last slot of the fleet movement page is gone.
    • You can now use the tab to change between resources on the page 3 of the fleet.
    • The attack icon is back in the mobile view.
    • The additional entry in eventbox when opening acs is not shown anymore.
    • Some fleets were in the phalanx view.
    • Empty debris field are notgone while there is a fleet is on the way.
    • Looting from banditis now 100% again.
    • New alliance messages are visible now.
    • The display of building queue in the empire view is fixed.
    • The merchant is not accessible anymore if it is deactivated in the server.
    • The attack icon next to the event box is permanently visible now.
    • The expedition combat report doesn't randomly vanish anymote.
    • Decimal numbers don't shown on the marketplace.
    • The available energy is shown properly now.
    • The merchant is not shown on rewards page while being deactivated.
    • The loot is properly calculated now.


    • Added the hyperspace tech to the API in the fleet page.
    • The crawler is now shown on the resource page.
    • The marketplace has pages.
    • You can sort your own offers in the marketplace.
    • The collect button is now on marketplace screen as well.
    • There is no a different tax rate for the collector class.
    • There is a new formula for the crawler production.
    • The expedition outcome of the discovered is now connected to the economy speed of the server.
    • The formula for expedition debris fields has been changed to percentages.
    • The expedition loot for the pathfinder has been increased.
    • The deuterium consumption reduction for the general class has been extended to all ships.
    • There are additional fleet slots for the general class.
    • The wreck field for the attacker in the general class is higher.
    • There is a minimum amount now in the marketplace.
    • There is a statistics page for marketplace.
    • The players in vacation mode are blocked from adding / buying stuff in the marketplace.
    • The marketplace show only available units while adding an offer to it.
    • The marketplace icon is linked to your own offers now.
    • The marketplace and fleet slots options are split now (the marketplace slots = level of computer technology + collector MP slots).

    Your OGame Team


    The new server will start with the merchant deactivate.

    What this mean? This mean that there's no option to call the merchant to trade your resources and you only can trade using the new Marketplace or as the old times with other players.

    Your OGame Team

    No, neither a forum post is a way to such complains.

    If you have any complain just follow the hierarchy. And as far as I know there's a ticket already, trying to go around it won't help you.