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    Well it is the main solution and preplanning positioning of planets to get around the deut cost is key. You are your own worst enemy in this game and that goes for most things. If you can't use deployments then consider splitting your fleet into several smaller fleetsaves from different locations. If it is such an issue, wake up halfway through the night and check for an inc, it may be speed universe but it's not 4x or higher, rips still fly somewhat slow unless they are near your system. I know defense doesn't solve it but any deterrent is exactly that.

    At any rate good luck with your other endeavors

    Yeah deadparrot I am well aware, have done much of those myself, and they mostly fall under Lazy Fleeting, if you don't mask your attack times and be aware of your surroundings you are going to get caught eventually. This is why I said "the go to strategy"
    Also, hi again, not a troll ty -Mallos

    On moon destruction missions, they are the go to strategy against any large fleet and any competent fleeter because anyone who knows how to fleetsave will not leave their fleet sitting and will do it from a moon. So unless you are lucky enough to catch them on a bad day or find their fleet lazily attacking a target you will usually have to go through the moons to find a fleet. There is a risk/reward to that, as you can lose a lot of RIPs in the process to find their fleet wasn't even there. Basic strategy to combat this is to keep your fleets going on deployment missions between moons, as I always do. Also, if it is such an issue, game mechanics provide a defense for this, there is a reason there is a shipyard available to build on your moons, use it to put defenses on them and they will have to either clear out the defenses or send more rips/extra attacks to get through for the moon destruction.

    On defense bashing, this universe is a defense into debris field universe and if someone is cleaning up the debris I see no issue with someone poking down your defenses. Don't build too much defense or you will become a target, and use a good defense ratio so it is harder to get profit from it.

    On debris field stealing, nothing to be said there about should you or should you not. Profit is profit. If you are losing debris fields, make sure your recs arrive not much later than a minute after your attacks. You can send the recs first and determine if your target is online or not while waiting for the attack mission to get closer to the same timing, saving your deuterium if they do come online.

    As far as Dalton goes I'll give them some props for being the main fleeters of the universe and the third group to find my fleet and take it, one of those bad days for me. Though I often see them making slight mistakes and it adds to my theory that these less populated American servers have fewer experienced players as a result of less competition. I am up for their challenge but there is not much I can do without a fleet currently and few to no one to support me. We will see about that after the merger.

    Well yes in order to be able to make it into the ACS section but I suppose that doesn't stop you from having a buddy send just a few ships along in your time of need :P

    My guess is any rather large hit on them would end up being an ACS anyways. I'm compelled to send the 100kk payment, this can be split as seen fit but I might give more than that at my discretion (if I have enough at the time) to make it more fair to all the members participating in the ACS.

    For attacking a Skie member I am requesting a headhunt specifically on Averell from [DALTON]

    Payment will be 100kk metal, this will be rewarded for a HOF hit that makes it into the top 10 ACS section (I'll help if needed)

    Top 10 ACS Hits Quaoar


    A headhunt is the name for hiring a strong player to attack an enemy.
    You need to notify a GO when a headhunt is taking place, or it may be consideredas pushing.
    You cannot hire a strong player to launch IPMs ( Interplanetary Missile )for you as that does not count as an attack. Paying a higher ranked player to launch IPMs for you counts as pushing.
    A good place to hire hunters or advertise yourself as a hunter would be theOgame board. When a hunt is complete, you need to PM the moderator of the Ogameforum.
    When members from alliances get attacked they ask for help on fighting back.

    You'd be correct on the Dr Matt part, I was talking to him about his IPM issues, which seemed to stop after I started talking to him as I told him that IPMing active players is generally frowned upon and asked him to stop. He was up and arms about people multiaccounting in the same universe and suspected the ally [WAM] to be part of the issue among other players surely... I don't play more than one account in a single universe, plenty of other universes for that.

    Haven't spoken to Matt in a while since he decided to remove me from his buddy list. He asked me to send you a message Raider Adam, and that is what you see here. If you can't interpret it allow me: 12 destroyers is not much to lose, don't make me lose more on you ;)

    Not that I have an issue with you. [TOT: 107.782.500] Raider Adam [WAM] & Loki [WAM] vs. Dr Matt S (A: 27.917.000, D: 79.865.500)

    He never paid me btw, not that he can as I was much above his rank unless he wanted to take out a bounty, and he didn't. I think the only time he mentioned you in our conversation was for me to send you the message.

    "Played Andromeda.
    Where is my forum account?
    It was deleted."
    ;( i feel this