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    I've issued a few warnings as you guys can't seem to understand that cheating accusations are NOT ALLOWED on the board, I wont have threads full of accusations and responses to that, that is not the point of the CR section, if you believe it was pushing or something else, just send a ticket -> Ticket Support System <-.

    If the game team states that there is an infraction, the thread will not qualify for top10, but if they don't, the thread will stay here and opened, I will not close it if you keep breaking the rules, you'll just keep getting warned, I hope that is clear.

    If you wish to discuss your warnings send me a PM or ticket, do not respond to this here, any posts regarding warning discussion or response to my post, will be archived not to spam this thread even more than you already did.


    You are correct, the normal procedure is to have posts remain on the threads with the corrective actions that the situation requires, I'll take a look into those you mentioned.

    We do want to have everything in public so you can all see and understand what is being done.

    Thanks for bringing this up.

    I'll be closing the thread as i've answered your question and will look into it.

    Dear Community,

    Today we're glad to announce two new team members joining the Board Staff!

    • Peter Parker
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    We wish them the best of luck with their new duties.

    Your OGameUs Staff

    That was before my time, probably the staff at the time believed it was necessary, but I do think history is important, and the target universes stay active so I think it makes sense to keep the top 10 there ;)

    You are merging into a new universe that stays open, in my opinion there is no necessity to delete it's history, all the participants from it stayed on that universe, so it makes sense to leave them there I think.

    I'm failing to see where I was condescending as I even agreed to the possibility of adding even more clarification to the title structure. Regarding to the API, you were a Moderator and you know exactly how rare it is necessary to ask for it, I seriously doubt it is a big problem for the community the time it takes for us to ask for an API, since this is the first time someone complains about it and I was not condescending on the PM, this was my answer to you:

    "You were a moderator, so you should know how things work, if someone breaks the rules gets a notice or warning, and that thread is not valid as the title does not follow the rules, once the author answer my message for additional clarification of information I got ingame, then and only then the thread can be fixed and reopened."

    For the rest of the PM, you should know we don't issue warnings on request, maybe that is that part you thought was condescending. If you have any complains about me, you also know who to complain to: Queen Leo or Prongs.

    And I don't brush off anything, I answered and justified every single point raised by you, just because you don't agree with my point of view, doesn't mean I'm not answering your questions. For the common sense is the only solution I see for these cases, this is also how it is handled in other communities and how it is handled ingame in some communities for situations like ACS Split or Spam with ships on the overview. This has also not been a problem, no case has ever been brought to me due to this to be honest. If enough members want a change here or there in the rules, that can be discussed here and then internally, because the rules are not made just by me, there is a whole team here as you well know.


    The administrative positions are chosen by the CoMa, which is an employee of Gameforge and those administrators select the rest of the team.

    As you stated in other places on the board, we didn't accept your application, we had our reasons to do so and you were informed of them, making posts all over the forum because you didn't like our answer wont change the answer or the process of staff selection, this is the process for all gameforge teams and it will remain the same.


    As I explained via PM, the rules for titles, is in my opinion clear:

    1. All members involved in the combat must be named on the title in the following order [Attacker(s) vs Defender(s)], regardless if it is a regular attack or a ninja.
    2. If one or more members are part of an alliance at the time of the combat, the alliance names (or tags) need to be included in the title as well.
    3. The total damage of the combat must be included in the title.
    4. It is mandatory to use a CR converter before posting it.

    It states all the points a title should have and the converters do it like that, that information is included on them once you convert your CR, we could've just state that converters are mandatory and you cannot change it, but he also make additional clarifications of the title composition, if it states the nick of the attackers vs defenders, you are not supposed to change the nicks because you were using a different nick at the time, if you wish as to add that it nicks to be the nick ingame at the time of the attack, if you think that is relevant to understand the point of the rule, fine by me, we can add it. In the case of your thread, when it was closed I told you to PM me to discuss the matter, naturally the idea was to reopen the thread once the situation was clarified and the API was requested due to conflicting information from different sources and that was the way to confirm everything, edit the thread and reopen it.

    Since we're talking about the API, I will approach Shadyj09 question about time limits, as you know the rules state:

    1. A mod may ask you for the API key of the combat or any follow-ups to verify the legitimacy of the hit.

    There can't be any time limiting for asking for additional information, regardless if it is simple information or API, if valid questions arise regarding an attack posted, I'll not put a time limit of a few days stopping the Board Staff to investigate and take action, the Board Staff does not have accesses ingame, therefore, if we detect something or some case is reported, with need to check with the game side before taking action, all of this can take time, especially because as you all stated, we are volunteers and we can't be here all the times, I'll take upholding the rules correctly than making time limits that tie our hands. And I don't think it is needed to have the API posted in all threads, as situations like this where we actually need it, represent about 5% of the cases, maximum.

    1. A reasonable contribution is required from all participants in a CR to be considered for a Top 10 ACS hit.

    it would be impossible to specify a quantity of ships or something like that for this, because in my experience, some players would just add one more, if we say you can't send just one probe, you could send two and argue that the rules specify 1 probe, therefore 2 probes would make it valid, I've been here long enough to know with absolute certainty that this would happen, so we will just use common sense evaluating this cases, I do think it is pretty obvious when there is an actual contribution to an attack or not, besides, the contribution and it's value in the attack can be directly influenced by the size of the combat, to many variables to set a fixed number on a rule.

    1. If your CR is a New Top 10 CR, please use the label marking it as such, making it easier for the moderation team to identify it.

    Yes, it is a suggestion to help us, not mandatory, if someone is enforcing it like that, please send me an example via PM and I'll handle it.

    Regarding the time for answer and moving up the matters, reality is, we're very short staffed to deal with every case in a timely manner, do I like it? Absolutely not, but we work with what you have, in your case it took a few days simply because I had other more pressing situations to handle and didn't have time to check it faster, we need to prioritize sometimes, it's not fair to you, I know that, but again, we work with what we have. If it is something urgent you can always to try speak with the person above the one you are dealing with at the time, you know the hierarchy of the team, just follow the ladder, if it is not urgent, just way and we'll handle it as soon as possible.