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    [TM] Queen Leo can you comment on the problem of Mods asking for API keys as late as 7 days after a hit has been posted. Should this be a new board rule that keys are posted with a hit? Should Mods be limited in how long they can wait to request API keys? Are we now being required to keep a log of all API keys? In an active uni it is absolutely unreasonable to request a 7 day old API key.

    Not really, because I didn't know it was occurring. This is a BA issue though, the board really isn't my bailiwick. [BA] hawk ?

    I mean if you want to vote to try to change economy speed, you all need to agree on what new setting you want to vote on. The current setting gets added to the poll automatically. The research multiplier really follows economy speed, so it's not necessary to vote on it separately, unless you were at a research multiplier of 1x, and you wanted to vote to change it to 2x or something (but your multiplier is already 2x).

    If you also want to vote to try to change fleet speed, then you all need to agree on what new setting you want to vote on.

    The same applies for ALL settings you wish to try to change - agree on one new one to vote on; the current setting will automatically go into the poll.

    Your polls will have two choices for each setting - the current setting and the proposed setting. You all need to agree on what the proposed setting will be to even have a poll created. You don't have to agree that you all want 4x, but you do have to decide between 4x and all of the other options in order to move forward.

    We merged, so I just want to make sure we get attention to this before problems arise. Pegasus had different bashing rules, do the NEW universes have the same bashing rules as always or did they change? Can players vote on this?

    The new (target) universes all have the default limit of 6 attacks in a 24-hour period. To the best of my knowledge, this isn't a setting that can be voted on, but I've left Prongs a note to find out for sure.

    Can we also update the list of probe attack universes now that we've merged.

    I wasn't aware that there was a list. If you can point me in the direction of this list, I'll update it.

    2. I've been told by GO's that any number of fleets which land at the same second count as 1 attack, therefore, players have been able to fly 50 MD missions on a single moon, by making 10x land 1 sec, 10x land another sec, etc. I've also been banned for doing this as bashing. Can we get clarification as to how same second fleets are handled so that GO's can enforce it consistently please?

    Unless multiple fleets are ACS'd together, multiple fleets will each count as their own attack, regardless of when they land. If you were told otherwise in this community, I'd love to know when that was and who told you that, because that's not the case.

    3. "A bashing investigation will only proceed if a player is reported." I think this needs to be removed. Given the sensitive nature here, I'm happy to talk in a PM about it. But from a general standpoint you are basically saying you only enforce a rule if someone complains about it? That doesn't seem appropriate.

    That rule was changed by Gameforge some time ago, and as such, it's not ours to re-clarify. We are only permitted to punish for bashing if bashing was reported to us. If you want to talk specifics, you can talk to me about it, but there's probably nothing I can do to get this changed back to the way it used to be.

    Here is a PERFECT example. Is this considered overview spam? I have 750Bn fleet sitting here, and this player many times smaller than me decides to fly a few thousand cargos into it at 10%... after I launch a RIP attack against his defense next door. I'm clearly flying a cheap fleet meant to take no losses on defense and minimize risk of ACS defend, and hes clearly flying to put a big red triangle on my screen. I can't even destroy the fleet and take the res, because then i'm "being pushed". Whats a player to do in this situation? Is this ok or is it harassment?

    The way overview spam is defined is as "a pointless attack that serves no purpose other than to annoy". Since that attack has no chance of winning AND is sent at the slowest possible speed, I would label that as a pointless attack. Submit a ticket with the screenshot and as many details as you can remember, and your GO can look at the case.

    Well, it's not up to me to pick them. You guys have to decide in this thread what you're going to vote on. All I do is pass those settings on to Prongs, and then he sets up the polls. I will no longer settle the debate; as instructed by my boss, you guys are in charge of deciding what to vote on, if you can't decide, then no poll can be done.

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