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    Why would V mode mean anything, if i have probes then I want to be active at least 18 hrs a day so i can farm and and have mines production...any kind of V mode is a loss for me. There isn't even a single player that forgot to make fs and got destroyed. Peg needs change, it can be probes + fleet speed or merge...but what if merge gets you 4x eco and 1x fleet? Or any other lower options like 30%df, didf, PROBES that you don't like -.-......

    Probes don't effect your game and fleet speed does,but for me it both effect...if you see lack of resources in inactive players, see who is behind that with probes and get rid of's not easy to come back when you loose all you profit anyway...and top 100 won't even bother to farm with probes because that job is too complicated for them...maybe Que will probe but it's just because he gets 20 auctions per day :D


    No... thats planning for the future. Its highly likley what there will be merges in the future and ignoring them wont help.

    ECO is what is increasing the gap dude, not fleetspeed. Raising the df% would increase it directly.

    Biggest accounts outside of Peg are at Jap, Merkur and Kallisto, 4x, 6x and 3x. All of them faster than Peg so 2x is pretty unattractive for all of them.

    So you can call it planning for future too.

    Peg going to 4x seems cool now, yet when the next merger comes up, Uni1 will get the bulk of people, Just like Peg got the bulk last round mainly because of your 7x eco and 2x speeds... Those are pretty good stats to have.

    Peg wasnt part of last merge, and we got eco boost after that merge. It was 4x2x before. Barym and Io were forced to merge to Peg because they had option to choose uni 1 or Peg.

    If you think something dramatically would change with 4x speed, you are wrong. Things will stay the same 99%, lazy players will stay lazy, active players gonna hunt the same (if there are any active players lol).

    No, it doesnt make sense. It would make sense if you were raiding all inactives in uni, daily.

    I am not sure where are all your hits and points if you are that smart.

    With 4x you will be able to raid more people daily, no? Smart boy.

    Not like you will ever catch up, so military advantage doesnt even matter anymore.

    I call it all BS.

    If someone from 3 ally want to crash you, he will do it same at 2x or 4x.

    For future .us merges, 2x fleet is very unattractive, nobody will come to Peg.

    One day we will get international merge, for sure, and that uni is 7x5x. With 4x fleet speed we might catch up with them. 2x make it way harder.