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    In the old days, players would fleetsave and have to return by a certain time or their fleet would be in Recyclers. Even if they saved schrewdly(aka Deployment or from a Moon), there was always the possibility of getting hit(be it Blind Phalanx or Moon Destruction opening their fleet up for Phalanx). Now players have realized that to avoid such issues, Vacation Mode is the ideal fleetsave. You no longer have to return at a set time, you're immune to (new) attacks during the duration and the moment you come back, you can resume operations(don't have to wait on your fleet). The only consequence is no building/research during the time you're gone and no Mine production. It's bordering on abuse but you can't deny people the opportunity to go into vacation mode since this is a "game" after all. This isn't some paid competition with contracts participants must sign. I mean they could update their Terms and Conditions or add a VM rule but that'd be going a bit far imo. If you want to nail the person, you'll have to do it while they're actually active. Saving via VM is a coward's way out though so keep that in mind.

    Then I would call myself Expeditioner/Miner, although the latter is frankly embarrassing given that I only have 6 planets(Expansion is planned) with pathetic Deuterium Mines(other two aren't too bad given my size). Got the capital needed to address this somewhat over the coming few days in which I'll triple Deuterium production but it's still not enough(need to go much higher along with more planets). TLDR: I'm still a fledgling compared to established players on Zenith. If there is any upside to my plan is that 300k Energy without Solar Sats is indeed possible. I malign Fusion Reactors given that I remember what they were back in the day with horrid benefit/cost ratio but ever since they got that Energy Technology buff... man I need to apologize and own up that I'm a noob for not realizing how powerful they are now. Stack on top of that Lifeforms(Volcanic Batteries + Geothermal Power Plants) and yeah you can pump out some serious Energy production without Collector, Engineer or Boosters(or even Rock'Tal/Mecha Buildings).

    Holy tolito batman. Darkhelmet did a hit. Congrats 👏 on your 1st. Hope to see more. Welcome to fleeterhood.

    FR defender

    I may have done a Fleeter-like hit but I don't consider myself a Fleeter. Expeditioner for sure, but no Fleeter. Also, I'm your Father's Brother's Nephew's Cousin's former roommate. Has nothing to do with the current subject but I felt the need to say it.

    I noticed this player awhile back when he turned neutral or white to me. I kept tabs on his activity via Phalanx but mostly left him alone because that's what I typically do to most players because I'm no Fleeter. Yet I noticed the other day that he turned yellow or honorable so that reignited my interest in him. Kept tabs and noticed that he had no activity tonight. Sent probes, waited for a reaction but got nothing and sent another probe to get a DF for Recyclers and rest is history. First HoF for this crazy Spaceball. Dedicated to UES and Mylops for catching me with my pants down. Also I finally found a use for these blasted gas cans(Bombers).

    On 15-12-2022 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker Darkhelmet [UES]


    Light Fighter 3.430

    Heavy Fighter 850

    Cruiser 437

    Battleship 167

    Battlecruiser 151

    Bomber 184

    Destroyer 38

    Reaper 103

    Pathfinder 1.921


    Defender Proconsul Hydra


    Small Cargo 100

    Large Cargo 320

    Light Fighter 1.150

    Heavy Fighter 600

    Cruiser 50

    Battleship 170

    Recycler 20

    Espionage Probe 110

    Bomber 20

    Solar Satellite 750

    Destroyer 25

    Battlecruiser 15

    Crawler 20

    Rocket Launcher 2.500

    Light Laser 900

    Heavy Laser 100

    Gauss Cannon 25

    Ion Cannon 50

    Small Shield Dome 1

    Large Shield Dome 1


    After the battle ...

    Attacker Darkhelmet [UES]


    Light Fighter 2.532 ( -898 )

    Heavy Fighter 753 ( -97 )

    Cruiser 431 ( -6 )

    Battleship 167 ( -0 )

    Battlecruiser 151 ( -0 )

    Bomber 184 ( -0 )

    Destroyer 38 ( -0 )

    Reaper 103 ( -0 )

    Pathfinder 1.855 ( -66 )


    Defender Proconsul Hydra




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    652.984 Metal, 4.261.675 Crystal and 756.366 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 6.782.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 44.180.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 11.502.526 metal and 6.923.475 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 5.671.025 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 21%.


    Debris harvested by the attacker(s):

    964.474 Metal and 580.525 Crystal

    11.502.526 Metal and 6.933.475 Crystal

    Total debris harvested by the attacker(s):

    12.467.000 Metal and 7.514.000 Crystal

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 9.195.984

    Crystal: 9.457.675

    Deuterium: 216.366

    The attacker(s) made a profit of 18.870.025 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -29.422.984

    Crystal: -18.186.675

    Deuterium: -2.241.366

    The defender(s) lost a total of 49.851.025 units.

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    Compared to other Universes, much less Lifeform Universes, Zenith is **SLOW**. I mean the latest Universe in Cetus that debuts in 2 days has slower Peaceful fleet but every other Server setting dwarfs ours in every respect. Their Economy and Research are substantially higher, Deuterium consumption cut in half(which benefits everyone but Fleeters especially since Generals effectively have 62.5% reduction), DF% is the same as ours along with +25 fields and DM bonus. Virtually everything Cetus has is effectively what our Universe ought to move towards. Maybe not **exactly** like Cetus but I was thinking along the lines of the following:

    Peaceful: x 3

    Hold: x 2

    War: x 2

    Economy: x 6

    Research: x 12

    I'm less inclined to boost Fleet speed but more inclined to boost Economic output because ultimately that determines how quickly our accounts advance. Economy dictates Mine output and what we get via Expeditions. Through that dictates how large our fleets become and hence how many ships our fleeters can put into Recyclers. Keeping Fleet speed as is would mean I could step away from the screen and not be crashed in 30 minutes(45 and that's pushing it with Cruisers/Pathfinders) and although lowering fuel consumption would be nice, I feel we shouldn't change things drastically. This is a 100% Universe, and it should stay that way. Doubling Economy and Research speed would be a big change as I see it. What do you all think?

    Yeah, figure I might as well get the discussion on it rolling now since although I don't mind the speed we're at(it beats x1 on everything when I played back in the day), we're going to need a speed boost if we ever hope to compete with accounts on other Universes when an inevitable merge comes. If we stay at the speed we're at, we're going to be left in the dust.

    I have 6 planets in my Empire. All have the same Mines and Storages(level 10 or greater) for a 10% Den benefit. Orbital Dens is supposed to increase this benefit by 4% times its cumulative level(which for me is 17 or 68%). Yet it seems that for my Capital, it's only applying the benefit from the Capital itself and not for any other planet in my Empire with the Lifeform Technology.

    Yet as I go down to my first colony or next planet in the list, it appears as follows:

    In other words, Capital + Colony#1. Yet if I go to the next planet in the list, it appears as follows:

    Basically Capital + Colony#1 + Colony#2. My 3rd Colony appears as follows:

    In other words, it's taking the bonus from previous planets and applying it. My 4th and 5th Colonies both have the same as my 3rd but it appears that my Capital and first two colonies are not getting the full benefit of Orbital Dens. Either it's a display bug or Orbital Dens is not working as intended.

    So a new Universe that is basically Atlas but with much slower fleet, lower DF, no Defense into Debris, better fuel consumption(50%) and lower bonus fields. Compared to my Universe(Zenith), we got the short end of the stick since although we have faster Peaceful fleet at x3, our Econ/Research at x3/x6 respectively is simply too slow to keep up in the event we get merged. As much as I dislike changing speeds on servers, this may be necessary for Zenith to bump it up to at least x5/x10, if not x6/x12.

    Not one to double post but I have more feedback. Firstly, I don't think the update went as smoothly as planned. I'm almost positive I got shortchanged on Artifacts on Zenith and I posted in Bugs&Complaints regarding it(no response from anyone but I'm not going to seek out anyone if they don't feel this to be an important issue). Additionally I don't think Intergalactic Envoys is working as intended. If it's supposed to reduce Lifeform Expedition duration, it surely shouldn't take ~40 minutes roundtrip for an Expedition 10 systems away when I have level 45(cumulatively) of the Technology. That should equate to -45% duration or nearly **HALF** of what it should be. Obviously, this skill should have a soft-cap since it's not hard to get it to 100 for -100%. Yet I feel that if you do reach the softcap(whatever that happens to be) that players get a secondary bonus for upgrading further(say a bonus to successful outcomes).

    Also, I don't know why Lifeform development cannot be conducted whenever the Robotics Factory or Nanite Factory is being upgraded. Every other structure can be upgraded concurrently but not those two. Finally, you need to update/overhaul the Residency building tooltip. For the Residency, give Population growth speed(+Population/hour), Population consumption(Food consumed/hour with T2 and T3 consumption(optional but preferred somewhere if possible)) and maximum population cap. That way when we look at the Farm and notice we produce X Food/hour, we know that at present production, we can sustain X Population. Obviously, we'll have to factor in auxiliary building bonuses to Growth speed, Population cap and even Food production/consumption in the case of Humans but that's a minor issue as I see it.

    Oh and one more thing. Can we find a way to utilize Food in some capacity? I have 1kk Food on my moon right now from raiding other Emperors and literally nothing to use it on. Either a research that buffs Food production(where its cost is Food), a Bio-Fuel Plant that consumes Food to generate Energy(making Humans far more attractive in that regard) or just **SOEMTHING** to use surplus Food besides being a waste of cargo space when I raid someone.

    Expeditions are always a risk but those who truly roll the dice should have the rewards. Yet I find that Aliens/Pirates to be an abuse of the system, regardless of how you feel about it because it's basically creating ships out of thin air that don't otherwise exist in a Universe. I mean some of those Pirate/Alien CR's would be TOP 10's on any given Universe, hence I can see why they capped the DF to 20kk/20kk. It does sting with them doing that since that basically encourages players to send much smaller Expedition fleets to cut down on Pirate/Alien losses. Yet I find Black Holes and other "lose fleet" outcomes to be much worse, despite the odds/frequency of them occurring, because unlike in a typical Fleet crash, there is no Space Dock to recover a portion of our Fleet. It's a complete loss like Fleet crashes were in ages past so my proposal is that the Discoverer Class get a semi-bone in that in the event of a complete loss of Fleet that a portion of that fleet generates a DF at the target Slot 16. Can even cap it at the current 20kk/20kk but 20kk/20kk is better than the **ZERO** we have right now.

    In existing Lifeform Universes, we were to be awarded 8 Artifacts per Lifeform Expedition carried out. I was awarded 2640 Artifacts which comes to 330 Exploration missions. Seems about right seeing as I’ve carried out 210 missions(14 full systems) in the last 3 days and I wasn’t as zealous on Exploration prior to that. However, we were supposed to get that Artifact compensation multiplied by the number of planets, which in my case was 6. 2640 x 6 = 15840. Yet if 2640 was the final result if it worked as intended, that would imply I only had 440 Artifacts or 58 missions. I literally did 210 in the past 3 days so I know 2640 can’t be the final tally. So I’m reporting that I suspect that the Artifact compensation didn’t work as intended.

    Also, on an unrelated note, look into Intergalactic Envoys. I’m pretty sure that isn’t working as intended either. With 44% reduction(cumulatively), Lifeform Expeditions shouldn’t take upwards of 40 minutes(round trip) when exploring 10 systems away.