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  • Hey all,

    My name is Indus and I'm a member of The Falcon. We're a fun, low key group. We've got a few players on the cusp of hitting Top 100. We have an active Discord and are enjoying playing the game. Several of our members play other games too if you are into things like Ikariam, Rocket League, and more. We've also got players that will be joining Himalia Uni when it comes out.

    It's a fun group with two highly active leaders and people that have played several Unis, so if you have questions about a mechanic in OGame, we're here to help! We have active moonshot trading, people all over the 5 galaxies, and made great trading partners. Plus, we do some fun events from time to time with prizes like a free moonshot where you can keep the DF :)

    Anyway, if you looking for a growth guild that's active and enjoyable, I hope you consider The Falcon!

    Feel free to message me here or in game Indus