• so i came back cuz this corona thing and i cannot notice even more bugs on this game,so where to start. Marketplace is lagging and basically u cannot see the outbid or if u won,just after its finished when u refresh ,10 times per day with jump gate i jump on diffrent moon,poop ups,dc milions time per day,what's the point of commander now if i can chose fleet faster even without him?? etc etc...this game is unplayable anymore
    and what did u do to fix it??add even more things for pay to win players to make your pockets even bigger and u wonder why there is no any new players on this crapy game.
    every event is bugged,every event starts late,every and what you do? nothin just "im sorry" we ae trying to fix it haha,we know that u dont even care for us players any more
    (like u used to)
    btw nice event again,so u have to guess where is not picked up because debris wont go away when u collect it
    very nice i love this game,im :censor: addicted

    http://prntscr.com/rn7r1w :goodn:

    Warned - Language - Shadyj09

    no fs no fleet :rocket:

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  • I understand your frustration, I truly do. As you can see I have submitted a number of bug reports myself. But you need to understand that the board staff have no control over this. Even the GO's have no control over it. We have no power to change the game or fix the bugs. All we can do is push it up to higher level personnel and hope it reaches the developers eventually. Feel free to post on STOMT about your frustrations. However I would recommend not using swear words as your post will just be taken down.

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