[TOT: 953.390.000] Carandoom [FUN] vs. Nostradamus [UNL] (A: 214.260.000, D: 739.130.000)

  • Hello Zibal,

    Today it's a sad punishment for Nostra, I like him, always nice and a good, very good player.

    He was in VM for long time and came back few days ago.

    I didn't plan on doing anything against him but today... Lucian sent us a report of an attack from Nostra on his colony.

    73 DS to get some resources.

    Hum... I don't like that, let's check if I can get the DS back from the attack.

    No acti on nostra, interesting. I spied and saw the DS already back, sweet, let's go for it !

    I jumped the fleet, sent the deut and sent my heavy fleet to get the DS down.

    Then I realized that the rest of the fleet is maybe also somewhere...

    I spied and indeed, full fleet in G8, I could go from G9 too !

    But most of my LF are in expedition so I can't make profit on him like this...

    Need to wait 15 min for the LF to come back.

    The LF come back, I send them but nostra log back in and I have to cancel the attack.

    But in the meantime, I got the DS.

    In the end it's probably zero profit with all the deut spent, but a lesson for everyone, don't attack a FUN member or be ready for the consequences.


    The following fleets fight the : 2020-03-25 xx:xx:xx-04:00

    Attacker Carandoom [FUN]

    xx% | xx% | xx%

    Battleship 29.000

    Battlecruiser 33.000


    Defender Nostradamus [UNL]

    xx% | xx% | xx%

    Colony Ship 1

    Recycler 505

    Deathstar 73


    Attacker Carandoom

    Battleship 27.673 (-1.327)

    Battlecruiser 31.416 (-1.584)


    Defender Nostradamus



    The attacker has won the battle! He captured:

    25.938.920 metal, 17.359.105 crystal and 2.988.861 deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 214.260.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 739.130.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 143.188.500 metal and 113.494.500 crystal.


    The 8.000 recyclers of Carandoom harvested 142.487.500 metal and 113.512.500 crystal

    => 100 %


    Attacker profits : 88.026.886

    Metal : 61.191.420 | Crystal : 47.606.605 | Deut : -20.771.139

    Defender profits : -785.416.886

    Metal : -395.998.920 | Crystal : -312.409.105 | Deut : -77.008.861

    Estimated consumption: 24.063.001 deut

    Skin : Kzar Leda by Tenno

    Converted by TopRaider.eu

    FR Nostra, stay around but don't attack FUN. :phatgrin:

    And thanks bost for being around, it went close for you to get a piece too !

    And of course, thanks Lucian for the info, you got revenged. ;)

  • Congratulations for action... I was 4 minutes to late..When I said, my 13k reapers flight 20 minutes, it was to late too...! But, good job Carandoom...

    Nostra FR..!!

    ! Who touches the god, the devil will take him away !

  • Thanks for the revenge hit Cara, I try to just mine and support my ally-mates, but guys that just attack for little to no profit get on my nerves.

    You may say 5k Large Cargos and a couple thousand sats are profit. Okay, but is it worth losing 73 DS's? I think not. FR Def

    Thank you DISASTER for the sig