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    When posting a Combat Report:

    • You need to select the correct label according to your hit:

    Mandatory Labels

    Defense Bash -> When you mainly crash defense without reaching a DF of 2,000,000 units. Debris from destroyed defense does not count into the 2,000,000 units.

    Fleet Crash -> When your CR does not reach a DF of 2,000,000 units. This includes raids on active or inactive players and sat-smashes as long as you have a profit of at least 10,000,000 units.

    Basic 20% -> If the debris field is at least 2,000,000 units and the total damage of the combat is less than 100,000,000 units.

    Advanced 20% -> If the total damage of the combat is over 100,000,000 units and less than 1,000,000,000 units.

    Super Advanced 20% -> If the total damage of the combat is over 1,000,000,000 units and less than 100,000,000,000 units.

    Hyper Advanced 20% -> If the total damage of the combat is over 100,000,000,000 units.

    All Combat Reports need to fit into one of the above labels; choosing one of the options is mandatory. If your hit does not fit into one of them, it cannot be posted. If you attempt to open a thread with a random label and your hit does not have the necessary damage or profit, your thread will be closed and archived, as it would be in violation of the Combat Report Section Rules.

    You will also have the ability to choose a second label (optional) in order to better clarify what type of combat report you are posting.

    • In posting an IPM attack you must include:
    1. The names of all attackers and defenders.
    2. An espionage report before any IPMs hit and another one after all IPMs have landed (or the IPM report(s) if you are defender).
    3. The total number of IPMs fired, who fired them, and their cost.
    4. The total damage dealt to the defender.

    • Title and Post structure:
    1. All members involved in the combat must be named on the title in the following order [Attacker(s) vs Defender(s)], regardless if it is a regular attack or a ninja.
    2. Multiple reports and linked reports are allowed and may be posted in shorthand (i.e. only the resources captured and DF generated) as long as there is at least one complete combat report posted in the thread as outlined by these rules.
    3. If one or more members are part of an alliance at the time of the combat, the alliance names (or tags) need to be included in the title as well.
    4. The total damage of the combat must be included in the title.
    5. It is mandatory to use a CR converter before posting it.
    6. The complete fleets of all attackers and defenders before and after the battle must be part of the CR that is posted.
    7. The post must include the resources captured and the debris field generated even if they are all 0.
    8. Combat techs for all participants must be included (or they must all be excluded).
    9. Coordinates for all participants must be included (or they must all be excluded).

    • Other considerations about Combat Reports threads:
    1. Fake reports will result in the thread being closed and archived.
    2. Planned suicides are not allowed to be posted
    3. If the defender posts a CR before the attacker and the combat took place less than 48 hours before it was posted, the attacker may post the thread himself/herself and the defender's thread will be closed. After 48 hours have passed the defender's thread will not be closed if posted before the attacker's. The exception to this rule is with a ninja, where the defender is actually the winner of the battle. In the case of a draw, mods reserve the right to close the thread and allow the other party to post it.
    4. A mod may ask you for the API key of the combat or any follow-ups to verify the legitimacy of the hit.
    5. Attacks against inactive players are allowed to be posted, but will not qualify for a Top 10.
    6. In order to be qualified for a Top 10, the combat needs to be at least an Advanced 20% (over 100,000,000 total damage).
    7. In a new universe, threads will only be moved to the Top 10 when you have a minimum of 10 Advanced 20% Combat Reports.
    8. Any Top 10 hit belonging to a player permanently banned will be removed and archived and replaced with a new Top 10.
    9. A reasonable contribution is required from all participants in a CR to be considered for a Top 10 ACS hit.
    10. Any violation of the game rules connected to the combat report posted will result in the thread being closed and archived.
    11. If your CR is a New Top 10 CR, please use the label marking it as such, making it easier for the moderation team to identify it.

    In addition to these CR Section Rules, all general Board Rules still apply. Any situation not included in the section or general rules will be analyzed individually by the Board Staff.

    Your OGameUs Team