[TOT: 18.781.000] OxyGeN [ReaL] vs. muad dib [Origins] (A: 319.000, D: 18.462.000)

  • On 23-03-2020 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Little war but dedi for Black man

    because he is V-Mode

    Attacker OxyGeN [ReaL]


    Cruiser 1.111


    Defender muad dib [Origins]


    Large Cargo 1.500

    Battleship 1

    Espionage Probe 1

    Destroyer 1

    Battlecruiser 1

    Reaper 1

    Pathfinder 1


    After the battle ...

    Attacker OxyGeN [ReaL]


    Cruiser 1.100 ( -11 )


    Defender muad dib [Origins]




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    0 Metal, 5.400 Crystal and 166.521 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 319.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 18.462.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 7.558.400 metal and 7.402.400 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 171.921 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.


    Debris harvested by the attacker(s):

    7.558.400 Metal and 7.445.600 Crystal

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 7.338.400

    Crystal: 7.374.000

    Deuterium: 144.521

    The attacker(s) made a profit of 14.856.921 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -9.228.000

    Crystal: -9.181.400

    Deuterium: -224.521

    The defender(s) lost a total of 18.633.921 units.

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  • Why are you dedicating hits to me? Are you aware of why I’m in vacation mode? Here in my country America I work for a retail company serving thousands of people in need who are out of work and are ordered home due to the Coronavirus. Due to the escalated business of my store, the massive amounts of hours I’ve Had to put in and the need of customers attention I unfortunately cannot at all focus on ogame unlike who is in vacation mode in Zibal because you’re running from a certain someone. So keep my name out ya mouth and don’t dedicate anything til you got the gonads To face your fears in Zibal. Hopefully I will be back soon once this craziness dies down and increase back to working my regular hours

  • My sources say otherwise and since you post in both the yulian and oxygen hits and you commented on a previous top 10 of the player you are hiding from and it’s clear you have an account and oh he said yeah you’re hiding I’d say otherwise. Like I said keep my name out of your mouth...since I’m in “vacation” right?