D-C vs. Penguins


    I, FreakO, declare war against Penguins on behalf of my Virgin Demolition Crew

    Surrender or disbanding from either alliance will end this war.

    Another option will be Sparrie posting here publicly that he is sorry for attacking my sats, and he will never do it again, and that I'm better player then he is and that he loves me, all that followed by him kicked out from Penguins. That would satisfy my need for blood.

    Thanks to Sparrie and his cheeky behaviour , now all of the penguins will see how it feels to loose sats, defences, fleets, moons, daily production, time and progress.

    Here you can spam whatever you want. CR's in CR section.

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  • Haha this is a good one :D waiting on this for so long ... i'll have my popcorn and sit back and enjoy .. let the better one wins it :P gl to both sides :)

    The last transmission we received from the expedition fleet was this magnificent picture of the opening of a black hole.

    We All GoT Left Behind !

  • FreakO i am so sorry, i do love you, but you know that, but the rules say what happens with illegally parked probes.

    Galaxy5 is mine, and taxes have to be payed.

    FreakO i traded away the resources i took from you but it was so much the person i traded with can't return the apropriate amount of resources, congratulations this was too prophlylactic for me to anticipate, congratulations, you probably got me banned.

  • FreakO congratulations, my friends are blaming me for your mistake to leave your fleet sitting all night

    you can hit me, but if I hit you, you? my retalliation make my friends hate me, goodjob, you are truly a magnificient player, your skill are endless.

    let me tell you one thing, if i could save your life by sending you 1 deut, i would send you 1 deut, and nothing more

  • I read this and i'm like wtf falling from the chair can't believe what i'm reading are you serious man ? :D haha

    The last transmission we received from the expedition fleet was this magnificent picture of the opening of a black hole.

    We All GoT Left Behind !

  • As I thought it will happen, all the ducklings left already, no loud mouths anymore??

    and it has been how long?? not even 48h..

    Sparrie ashamed into VM???

    Hykage within the hour in VM???

    Sabre ?? ( I heard about your reason , but again? )

    Now we'll see bout the rest of you.

    I never attacked anyone in this uni without a profit and treated you all with respect. You will learn to do the same.

    I hate bullies, but if that's the only language you understand, no problems.

    You made life hard for the Lord Serbia and other normal guys in that ally.

    I will clean my Virgins from the parasites, and make one decent flock of Penguins.

    Consider me as your zoo keeper.

    And remeber if you didn't quit already, I'll be waiting on your return even if this war ends without a glory.

    For the viewers a show you ve come for:

    The middle one is Sparrie, fattie is Hykage.. cant figure out the other one yet ahhah...

    (for kids and MODs: a foul language in the clip, listen on your own resposibilty)

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  • FreakO hold your horses mate. I had already planned to go vmode before you declared war.

    as new leader of Penguins we surrender.

    now, how about a war with terms we can agree on? looks like your cyber bullying ran off half the team. nvm looks like they almost all joined DC. thats really interesting.


    You win some, you lose some.

  • Options for war to be done:

    - Both sides agree to end it.

    - Cr section goes 7 days without a cr post in it.

    - One of the at war alliances disbands.

    I've seen the surrender on penguins side, I haven't seen a post from D-Cs side saying they agree to end it. FreakO