9x DM Event - Discoverer Bonus Conflict (FIXED?)

  • It seems that the 400% Bonus Expedition Results Discoverer perk and the 9x DM Event are conflicting with each other.

    My DM results between November 22 and December 1 were: (newer, larger fleets) 1568, 1396, 1312, 1532, 1584, 2252, 1200, 1236, 1544, 1428, 2576, 1396 (older, smaller fleets)

    The DM result since the start of the 9x Event has been: 1252

    I have more expeditions flying to see what I can find, but it should be pretty clear that one of the bonuses is not applying.

  • From what I'm hearing from other Discoverers (who were also experiencing this issue), as well as a recent DM find of my own, it appears to have been fixed. Thank you to the Devs and Admins for a quick response and fix!