• Hello,

    This is the scenario: A universe don't have GO/SGO, you submit a ticket about a rule violation. You get an answer after 7-8 days, but the fleet logs are deleted by server automatically after 7 days. You don't like the answer you got from the first person that answered you, you complain about that and the same person is answer to your complain.

    The question is:

    It is normal like that? What if I believe that the first person saw my ticket from the first day and waited until the fleet logs were deleted so the rule violation "prescripted"?

    I can't complain to anyone about this?

  • I don't think it was like you wrote in your thread.

    Indeed we have a lack of GOs, there's no way to solve this unless someone applies to be a staff member. In the same way, we can't have hundreds of universes, because we are not able to cover them properly.

    Maybe you got your answer after several days because only GA and TM are in charge on your universe, but I'm sure they checked your issue in time.

    You surely can make complain if you want to do it, but I'm also pretty sure it didn't go that way ;-)


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  • Can I post screenshots to prove my point?

    I have reasonable suspicion that was the way my ticket was take care of.

  • No, neither a forum post is a way to such complains.

    If you have any complain just follow the hierarchy. And as far as I know there's a ticket already, trying to go around it won't help you.


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