24/7 activity

  • Okay so the problem is that some players are active from 0-24h and that is not normal and it's obvious that they are using some kind of "cheat" and it doesn't matter how but it's still cheating and it's ruining other people game..i have constant activity from 00:00 to 18:00 (give or take) and they have 0-24hrs...my friend on .org said he is using automatic program when server comes...that program will automaticly upgrade your mines or whatever....it's pointless..

  • Friend or not, rule breaking is rule breaking and should be reported. I don't have 24 hour activity, but I have a LOT. I also have some people probing me while I'm off to create the illusion of activity in exchange for doing that for them. So there is a possibility that even though they have <!> on their planet/moon they may not actually be online

  • How do we find event planets...How newbie can you get!

    If you look at the bottom of the screen on the galaxy page (you may have to look a few systems in either direction), you should see "Asteroid <insert name>". Simply send some ships to attack that Asteroid for a chance at a reward. It doesn't matter what or how many ships you send, so just send 1-2 of your fastest ships. Keep in mind you can only get ONE reward per day