Jump gate carrier

  • Well, for me that would seem kind off out of balance, with ability to set up great ninjas as well as jump fleets last second is already over powered imagine adding resources to that. That's just my opinion tho.

  • I actually like the idea if it has a cap on it...like you can carry only up to 30% of your fleets value if you have the specialized ship.

    Hmm..Zera had a good idea...who'd have thunk it? :blink::w00t:

  • I wouldn't mind a Deut cost being assigned for jumping the resources. Say 1k deut per 5kk resources. This would be far more expensive than just using transports, but the balance is the time saved. I'd gladly pay 10k deut to jump 50kk resources to start up my next mine as opposed to a 3 hour deploy flight. Would also allow traders/miners to be easily work with their customers.

    Heck you could even make the cost more expensive, but maybe tie Laser Tech into reducing the jump cost. This would give Laser Tech some value past level 12 without making it feel necessary to have for all players

  • It’s a horrible idea. IMO. The point of a jump gate is to instantly move your ships without using gas so why should you be allowed to carry resources if it’s not supposed to carry gas. And if it was to use gas to carry resources it should be at a much higher cost. I would say 10% of you resources so if you are transporting it 1kk it should cost 100k to move it. Otherwise you harshly interrupt the balance of the game as is. Even so if you really think about the repercussion of that. For example you may never see a miners cargo fleet to smash ever again because he can instantly just transport the resources and build mines once he’s all jumped instead of he has two hours to travel he gets caught up and now the fleeter hits him and makes a profit would nearly make a miner invincible. I put resources on. I jump it I build mines and I fleetsave. You would never see a miners ships again.

  • Black man you are wrong...because most of fleets are getting destroyed because they didn't do fleet save...if you have account with 9999999 DM or you can carry resources it would still be the same because nothing in game will help you if you forget to do your fleet save...maybe insta recyclers?

    Here is another idea...what about building on a moon than can allow you to transport them through jump gate?

    It doesn't need any tax rate because building itself will take 1 spot on moon and that 1 spot is expensive late game...

  • I mean, you could either add a new building as Zera said, or make resource sends a separate option for the JG with a much longer CD (flat or % increase based on resources to send). The CD from resource send would apply to ships, and vice versa.

    That would allow for resource transit while still leaving fleets potentially vulnerable. The longer CD for resources, combined with no ships going with them, means you'd have to still have some idea of what you wanted to do. It wouldn't impact lanx or similar "hunting" crashes, since the resources would still be in flight. It could allow someone who left fleet/resources sitting the chance to jump them elsewhere, but there are already a ton of ways someone can recoup that kind of loss as it is (plus activity would show wherever resources jumped).

    Also, miners would still need to transport resources normally while saving up for the next mine level. They would still need to fly/sit when trading. And, if my above idea was used, they would be limited in how they could shuffle stuff around. Plus, MD is OP as it is, especially in the increasing number of speed unis.

  • zera you completely missed my point. Although it’s true most fleets are destroyed due to not fleetsaving, some are destroyed because of lost track of time or real life things. By causing less flying you are decreasing the chance of things like that happening because they can instantly transport resources instead of having to wait. And for fleeters that makes it a lot less profitable. Usually when you use a jump gate you are online. If you are adding resources to fly with the jump gate miners now have less time on the game and therefore more protected from fleeters

  • Not a new idea....but not a bad one, haha. If you search the archives on this server or on others they've been talking about this concept since the invention of jump gates. ;)

    I think the biggest thing that has changed since the last time I read this idea is probe storage. Now, I'm not sure it's really necessary. You can move resources very, very quickly. IF you decide to invest in probes in a uni in which probe storage is turned on. I think they are for most unis here on .us. True, not everyone builds those kinds of numbers in probes. I don't. But then I guess you just have to weigh that against how badly you want to be able to move resources around very fast. But the "cost" of moving res this way helps the balance concern that other posters have mentioned.


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