๐Ÿ“œ ๐Ÿ’ป OGame.us Board Rules

  • 1. Accounts

    • Every user is allowed one account.
    • A user must not create a new account in case he is not able to login the board (in this case please contact the Board Support), or if he has been temporarily or permanently excluded from it.
    • Account sharing (one account being accessed by multiple users) is not allowed.
    • IP-Sharing: If 2 or more people share the same IP, they need to contact the Boardย Support. Otherwise they risk being excluded from the board.
    • Any account that seems to be intentionally impersonating any Staff Member (from the Board, Game, Gameforge, or OGame Team in general) is strictly forbidden.

    2. General Conduct on the Board

    It is not allowed to have a username, or to post content or links that can be considered as:

    • Insults
    • Obscenities/swear words or abbreviations of obscenities/swear words
    • Illegal
    • Pornographic
    • Racist
    • Religious
    • Commercial
    • Political
    • Advertisements
    • Copyrighted material

    Please keep in mind that the board is a place for communication, conversation, seeking help, giving feedback, and socializing. While you might be angry, annoyed, and in desperate need to express it, there might be other players that just want to spend a relaxed afternoon outside of the game. Please respect them and their ideas. Swearing is tolerated to a certain extent, but only if it isn't aimed at other people.

    3. Posting on the Board

    While posting on the board, please make sure that you are posting in the appropriate section. The title should describe/relate to the subject of the thread and the content within the post.

    Before creating or replying to a thread, remember:

    • Do not avoid the board-filter.
    • Do not re-open a closed (or older) thread.
    • Do not give out any personal information about yourself or anyone else.
    • Do not copy and post any correspondence without the permission of all parties involved.
    • Avoid pushing threads. (Pushing threads is bumping posts/threads just to keep them at the top of the list of threads, without adding anything new or relevant to them.)
    • Avoid posts that are considered: spamming, trolling, flaming, boycotting, โ€œquitting the gameโ€, โ€œviolating the Terms and Conditionsโ€, or in general upsetting the board atmosphere.
    • Posts about phishing, selling accounts or money, cheats, spreading viruses, or other malicious software are not allowed.
    • Do not impersonate any Gameforge employee or any other user from the game or board.
    • Do not post for people that are banned on the board.
    • Do not discuss laws or rights on our board (e.g. basic rights, constitutional law, freedom of religion, etc.) - there are other boards for that.
    • Avoid posting or sharing links that are not related to OGame.
    • Do not discuss/complain about in-game or board warnings or bans on the board - contact the team instead.
    • Use the language of the respective board section. If you post anything in a different language, please add a translation to the language of the section where you are posting.
    • Last but not least, always make sure your post is related to the subject of the thread.

    4. Miscellaneous

    • Avatars: Images need to be at least 128 x 128 pixels and must be no larger than 100kB.
    • Signatures:
      • Images should not exceed 530 x 150 pixels and must be no larger than 100kB.
      • Text is preferred not to exceed 5 lines
    • Section Rules extend these guidelines and can overrule them.
    • Some things are tolerated to a certain extent, for example swearing and trolling, but still can and will get warned when they are overused.
    • In extreme cases, which are evaluated individually, users may be banned in-game as well. The same applies to extreme cases in-game, which may result in users being banned on the board as well.


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