New meaning for alliance depot

  • Hello again, what do you think of an idea that alliance depot becomes transport station?

    Description is perfect, we don't always have transporters on our planets but what if alliance depot could make possible when you click on alliance player (or alliance that you are in NAP with) you could send your empty transporters to them and they would pick up resources that they would put inside alliance depot.

    1. alliance depot takes in beginning 25% as a tax of that resources but with higher level (not that much) maybe 6th it would become 10% and 10th level would take 1% or something like that.

    2. player who picks up resources from other player has limited time to pick them up, otherwise they are returning to player but 75% of whole resources

    3. you can't put resources in alliance depot while under attack

    4. if there are resources there and you are being raided, it will be taken 25-50% of that resources ( higher level you have, lower are percentage)

    this is how it should look

    you can change buildings look and name if you want, it can be called Alliance market or something idk...and by look i mean that you add a platform where allies transporters would land....

    you can maybe add an option where there is only 1 kind of ship that can do that just in case that SOME players such as myself who has 1M probes in server who doesn't have probe storage (but i hope it will some day in future :D), doesn't abuse that and sends only probes that are faster....but you can also allow that because if you want to do something like that you have to take risks witih probes.