New beginnings - discussion thread

  • Well, well, well.

    I hope its something big and for all universes. Things like jumping resources would be fun.

    But from the pic i understand the following:

    1 new combat ship, maybe a planet destroyer? Or something faster than a DS, but with aprox. same power? Or something with higher speed and lower fire rate?

    2 new civil ships, i hope we will have a new way to harvest DF faster. Or something that carries a lot of ress for our miners.

    I belive will be some research updates, like Graviton, Lasers etc.

    Maybe a new building?

    But who, knows....we will see.

  • Changes are always good, especially if you did not change anything in a last 5 years (feel free to correct me on this number). Hopefully this will be balanced and will not bring some weird pay to win (1$ = 1 RIP) features. Also, we all know how gf works, so their "coming soon" might take few years.

  • I don't think that it will be a few years. ;)

    I bet we will have more news coming up within the next few weeks.

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  • Prongs  
    The last time you said or WeTeHa stated ( in a video) It took about 1 to 2 months for what ever new was coming out.

    During the last video WeTeHa talked about polishing the lobby, That is done, Then he talked about the hyperspace cargo, That is done, And the last thing is the jump gate network.
    My guess is that the Jump Gate network will come out, As this will be a huge twist.
    Another guess is that you used this photo as a teaser to show a few upcoming civil ships that you have been working on!


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  • This is the video I speak of,
    Which has show that you/ WeTeHa have been working pretty hard to roll out everything out this year.
    The jump gate network is the only other thing that was mentioned.

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  • Some kind of platform that works like a mobile planet-colony that you can move your fleet to, and FS from. I can only be destroyed by DSs like moons, but even harder. Moves very slow, slower than DS. Cannot move with fleet, must be deployed first, then fleet added. Fleets inc are invisible on lanx.

  • Some kind of platform that works like a mobile planet-colony that you can move your fleet to, and FS from. I can only be destroyed by DSs like moons, but even harder. Moves very slow, slower than DS. Cannot move with fleet, must be deployed first, then fleet added. Fleets inc are invisible on lanx.

    Thats a wet dream for those who dont know how to fs

  • I also read this from the org side and this is what Pink said.
    I have no clue where this was shot down at... I would like a link to this information Pink  



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    What about the improvements to the jump gates as discussed in the newsletter?

    What about a graveyard server for all the long term banned accounts and long term vmode accounts (no check in for > 1 year??) and all the tiny "I" accounts, say less than 1kk points and last check in greater than 1 year?

    Regards, version4

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    The jump gate project was blocked and announed as such when it happened.

    There are several projects in the pipeline, but nothing that can be announced yet, right now the focus is what has been spoiled today. There will be more news about it coming up within the next few weeks, but we also want to know what are the expectations of it or what you think it could be meanwhile.

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  • This was posted by Grimm on Org... He does have a point...

    I dunno guys, what else is there to fill in the game?

    Probes, Recyclers and Satellites are self explanatory. They do their ONE job and that's it, there's no need for anything to "replace" them or any alternative to what they do. In fact in the case of Satellites you have either Solar Plants(which can be boosted with a slight setting change) or the Fusion Reactor for the low-slot planets.

    We have a unit that is a "does it all" type, the Deathstar, the only beef I have with it is it's relatively low RF value against Destroyers(IMO it should've been 10). But all in all, it's balanced. It has a high cargo but not large and especially not fast enough to outright replace cargos, it consumes pretty much no deuterium but it's priced at 10 million resources and it's unbearably slow.

    What could possibly be replacing the cargos? We already gained a feature to increase their(and any unit's) cargo capacity, and both cargos have a role to fill, one is "Transport more resources for better price and less deuterium consumption"(Large Cargo) and the other is "Transport less resources for higher price and deuterium consumption but much faster"(Small Cargo).

    Fodder units? All of them have a role, the LF in large numbers is a huge threat, but it can be countered by Cruisers and it's completely powerless against Deathstars on their own. The Heavy Fighters are the same but slightly stronger but also pricier, and instead of the Cruiser as it's counter, we have the Battlecuiser, but at the same time, they are also faster than LFs so they have their own use in the game as well.

    As for high-tier ships, I'd say we have enough of them... Battleship, Battlecruiser and Destroyer, all with balanced prices, deuterium consumption and use. Only the Bomber doesn't have much use and that could be a easy fix in stats, with a slight increase in hull, a decrease in deuterium consumption and possibly a added RF against the Gauss.

    Defence units all have their use aside from the Ion cannon which, like the Bomber, would need a stat change.

    So what could these ships be adding to us? A better ship to recycle Debris Field? Why!? A better spionage probe? How!? Another cargo? Again... why!? A Fighting Ship? What ground is there to cover? We have fodder, we have mid-tier(Cruiser), we have high-tier(Battleship and Battlecruiser), we have top-tier(Destroyer) and we have the Mothership(Deathstar).

    Well, I guess we just have to wait and see.

    This was also posted on org as well.

    And this as well, This is the part that I do think will kill the game. Destroying our planets.... Yeah this will not fly...

    Grimm wrote:

    Conquering and destroying planets???

    You already have people vmodding because they don't want their moons destroyed. I don't even want to imagine what it would be like with planets that are, obviously, a heck of a lot more important.

    Seeing some guy with 20-30 billion invested in mines having it's planet "robbed" by someone else who doesn't give a rats ass about his own mines and only builds fleet, nah, this isn't fair...

    Unless conquering is only applied to inactives with over 30 days. But the game would have a massive change, I mean, would it even be the same game?

    "Conquering planets"

    Said by Legor himself.....

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  • Going to be mad if this ship lets you get 300 plus planets
    When I spent all day sending out 60 plus colony ships to get my 13th planet and only got 264 and one 280 and still did not get any better than that. I want the max planet slot...

    Image removed - Prongs

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  • I wonder how the increase research speed will work?

    My guess is that every ship stationed on planet that start research will increase the speed by 0.01% or something like that...
    That would be 10k ships, not too hard, even at 0.001% it would be 100k, For a total cost of 800mm 1.5bc 800md.... That is not to bad at all... I could build that in a few weeks or a month. Yet sound interesting. The only cost would be fuel cost, I have a feeling that it will be high end and you will have to run it with Rips to make it worth it to fleet save them...

    I would also guess that the increase planet size will also work in the same sort of way. Thus adding them to your colony ship and when they reach they will be destroyed as well. Now I would have to guess that this would be in the 1 extra slot per ship to a max of say 30 or 50 range if they want to make it worth it. That would add some cost to the colony,
    Yet this will really tee off some players like my self who have billions invested in their small planets and new players are making 300 plus planet sizes with ease. GF would have to compensate for this increase with what ever the max planet slot this should would add otherwise it would be unfair to those who have invested 100s of dollars in planet slot boosts. So far I have not bought any, yet I have been thinking about getting one for one of my planets. If GF does not compensate for this, I am sure other will and I will make it a point to display my anger on all platforms.

    Expos for me are out, I do not do them, Have only done a few over my long years of playing, Even with the max rate of 100m points they are a waste of time to send.
    Now if this ship can increase the max from 10m metal to say 100m metal then I would be all for doing expos again.
    I doubt this, I think this will be in the 0.01% or something like that increase, Yet limited to a number of ships you can send for the bonus. Or its would be a cap at 10% and no more no matter how many you send.
    Finding DF sounds good, Except that this would also have a cap set at some sort of percentage.
    I am guessing that with said ship expos will increase maybe 25% at the max. So that would be 12.5m metal and what ever else it is, Can not find that page that show what the max is.

    Those are my thoughts.

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