Launching fleet


    well this tells everything...maybe i am bad at this game since i havent played it at least 6 month but damn...xD

    if i'm wrong tell me what is it....explanation, i wanted to send 200 bs to station to another planet but i couldnt so i put deut consumption lower than my cargo capacity but i still couldnt send it so i had to go on 10% and that is way too slow for i put 500 cargos and then it was ok for 100% speed

  • Disable all of your addons and try it again. If you're still having trouble, please submit a ticket so we can better help you.

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  • How high is your hyperspace tech?

    Hyperspace tech increases your cargo space, but NOT your fuel tanks.

    The 110% in red next to the fuel needed says that the fuel needed for the flight is 10% over your fuel tank capacity.

    As you found out, dropping it to 10% or adding some cargos will solve the issue. Though you only needed enough cargos to make up the difference, 1 or 2 LC or 9-10 SC should have been enough.

  • oh, that is somehow fine...i didn't know that my bad :D

    Well it's actually not fine because there should be written fuel tank capacity bar there...why should i calculate it if i send some ships far away