Who is your game operator?

  • Game Operator

    Each GO is assigned to a universe, and is the first point of contact for players that need assistance. Your GO can be reached by submitting a ticket via the support system. It may take up to 48 hours for your GO to reply to your tickets, because all of our GOs are volunteers, and must fit their GO work into their free time. In an emergency, the GOs can sometimes be found on the OnlineGamesNet IRC in #OGame.us. The list of current GOs and their assigned universes can be found below. You can also find your assigned GO by searching in-game in any universe for the alliance OGame - Team (or its tag, OGameUS) and clicking the alliance name to open the alliance's external area. The GO is listed there, along with a link to the support system.

    Super Game Operator

    The SGOs each manage several universes, and they are the first level of support for their assigned GOs. Complaints about specific GOs should be sent to their assigned SGO. If your ticket has not received a reply and over 48 hours have passed, the SGO becomes your contact person for the open ticket. The SGOs, their assigned GOs, and their assigned universes can be found below. If you need to contact your SGO for any reason, please only contact the one assigned to your universe, as the other SGOs will likely not be able to assist you.

    Game Administrator
    The GAs do all of the interviewing and hiring of new GOs and make critical decisions in emergency situations. If you have a complaint about one of the SGOs, your complaint should be sent to a GA to be handled. In some situations, the GAs may contact you via the ticket system if needed.


    (See below for further instructions)

    Game Administrator: PinkFloyd

    Universe Game Operator Super Game Operator
    Universe 1 Ender PinkFloyd
    Pegasus --- v0ldem0rt
    Japetus Mao pokahontas
    Kallisto --- v0ldem0rt
    Merkur --- v0ldem0rt
    Nusakan --- pokahontas
    Oberon --- PinkFloyd
    Quaoar --- PinkFloyd/Queen Leo
    Rhea --- PinkFloyd/Queen Leo
    Spica --- PinkFloyd
    Tarazed --- v0ldem0rt
    Uriel Mao PinkFloyd
    Virgo Ender v0ldem0rt
    Wezn RogueAssassin pokahontas
    Xanthus RogueAssassin/br34k1ng v0ldem0rt
    Yildun Ic4ro Rav3n
    Zibal RogueAssassin v0ldem0rt
    Aquarius br34k1ng v0ldem0rt

    Please contact your Game Operator if you have any game-related problems or concerns.

    Rules To Follow When Contacting A Game Operator:

    • Go to Support and submit a ticket; please use a separate ticket for each issue.
    • Do not PM your GO on the board about ban issues. Contact your GO by ticket only.
    • If you are banned, contact only the GO that banned you.
    • Please give your GO up to 48 hours to reply.
    • If your GO does not respond to you in 48 hours, then contact his or her SGO.
    • If the SGO does not answer in 48 hours, then contact a Game Admin.
    • Please follow the chain of command (GO > SGO > GA).
    • Tickets MUST be opened with the permanent email of the account in question; any tickets that are not will be returned back to the user.
    • Bans and account-specific issues are only discussed with the permanent email holder on the account in question.

    You can also find most of our team members on IRC; connect to the server irc.onlinegamesnet.net, then join #OGame.us, or alternatively join #OGame.us-support and wait for a helper to arrive.

    If your issue is about Dark Matter and purchasing/payment issues, our game team cannot handle your request. You will need to contact Billing Support.

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