• Hey all,

    So for almost 5 years I have owned an iPhone 5S. Been pretty reliable for me but the past year the battery has been dying a heck of a lot quicker as has my wife’s. Last week she decided to go on Amazon Prime and find us newer iPhones. Found some iPhone 6 with a crap ton of space. It was a business that does refurbished phones. I was not fond of that as I bought refurbished stuff before with issues.

    So now that we have these my battery is better but hers dies out quicker and we drop calls a lot. Needless to say we are sending them back. My wife went through a proper business and now we are getting iPhone 8’s and our bill will be 50 dollars more.

    I’ll find out in the next day or two how well these work.

    Have any smartphone experiences you want to share?

  • I was a big fan of the iPhone 5 for a long time, because I liked its smaller size. When it was dying, I was looking at options, either getting another 5 or something else, and ended up with a X. It's a little larger, but not a lot, and it still fits in my pocket (most of my pockets anyway). I love it - it has tons more space on it, and its battery life seems to be really good. I haven't had any trouble with it at all.

    ~Thank you for the beautiful sig, Silverwind~

  • I feel like the only problem I have with apple products is that they have amazing battery life at first, but after the first year, the batter dies fairly quickly. I know there are ways to combat this, like not charging your phone all night, and only charging it during needed times. However, I feel apple tricks us with this little technique so we keep buying the newest product every year. :D