Reimbursements & Pushing

  • Why couldn't he explain that, and why in turn could you?

    I never understand why we can not discuss these rules or question them. The point of rules is that we understand them and follow them. The point you guys never want to explain the rules, then in turn ban players because they do not understand them.

    This is just lazy.

    The fact that I have asked questions regarding a trade that went sour. The person who sent the res to the exact cords that the player requested and because it was not the players cords they had to pay it back. If you do not explain the rules how the removed are we suppose to know what we can and can not do. These are the actions of mods who just want to be dicks about things.

    Get a grip and explain things so we understand them instead of being a douchebag about it.

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  • Look at it from other perspective,
    you can not prove that someone who is higher ranked was lanxing a target for you, if you don't launch on him. He could be doing it for himself, and allowing such thing would very soon turn into pushing. Do you really want to play with cheaters ?

    On the other hand, even if you launch, where would you draw a line on how many lanxes were spent for you, and how many were his/her doing. What if he/she was planning to launch the whole time, but jumpgate was on cooldown, or there was not enough deut to send a fleet, or any other thing you can think of....?!

    It's a gray zone, and even if you guys had honest intentions, it would soon be exploited by someone else.

  • The point of rules is that we understand them and follow them.

    The rules are clearly marked in the forum. The Rules

    The question that was asked was clearly answered: "No, you can't compensate a player for using Lanx."

    What part are you having trouble understanding?!?!

    You have not a clue what work is done on your behalf, and what measures are in place in creating an environment of fair play. Your words indicate you're too concerned with being angry to open your mind to understanding.

    It disgusts me to see you cuss at hard working people following established guidelines to support this community and game.

    You are inappropriate and very disappointing.

  • Guys, lets settle down. It is what it is, simple as that.

    If I have to guess, since the game itself makes no record of a Phalanx on the user side there would be nothing to show "Hey, here's the PM's where I was asked to Phalanx, here's the reports, and here's my messages sent back". So more than likely, either the records of Phalanx aren't kept at all, or the 'lower level staff' (no offense intended with this comment QueenLeo and other mods/admins) can't access that information which would mean they'd have to constantly contact higher ups to verify any pushing violations. Those are just my theories, nothing more. The question was asked and answered, that's what was important.

    I'm one of the few people I know who will abide by the rules to an extreme measure, so I asked just to be certain that I didn't accidentally violate any policies. And hopefully if any future players want to know, then a google/forum search will pull up this thread so they can see. I certainly didn't want to start a conflict between the players and the mods, so let's all get back to fleeting/mining/crashing/gettingconstantlyannihilatedbyfuckingaliensonexpeditionslikewtfwhataretheoddsof5aliensinarow

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  • @Caldsteven

    I've always believed that anyone in our community has a right to say and ask what they want to but, I think it needs to be tempered with at least a small bit of respect. Cussing and outright name calling creates unnecessary negative feelings all around and productive discussion ends.

    I'm sorry your question got redirected to unpleasantness but I hope you continue to ask them in the future, they are typically good questions.

  • The fact that I have asked questions regarding a trade that went sour. The person who sent the res to the exact cords that the player requested and because it was not the players cords they had to pay it back.

    That happened to me, too. Almost got banned because of that. Super lame caveat to the rules.

  • i find the trading rules pretty clear and easy to work with. the things that count as compensation are whitelisted well enough. theres ways to help someone resourcewise thats within the rules. cheap deut, missile coupons, scouting assistance.

    what i find confusing. if you sell deut for 2/1/1 (for metal and crystal), then you sell crystal for metal with same person, is the rate stuck at 2/1/1?

    ADDED: i believe summing all transactions will show the balance of things.

    -2 m
    -1 c
    +2 d

    -3 m
    +2 c

    -5 m
    +1 c
    +2 d
    (not a legal trade rate)

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  • If you try discuss something on any GameForge forum you get warning for most banal things you will never ever get warning on any other forum in the world.

    And if ask tough question admin answer ''DPA CONTRACT DOES NOT ALLOW ADMIN OR GAME OPERATOR TO ANSWER OR DISCUSS OR ARGUE THE POINT'' aka they dont know what to say... and they say random stuff so ppl think they actually give right answer but they give nothing answer but ofc they have rank so ppl have respect what they say.

    Is because these ppl are freelance forum mods or watever they are not some 200 IQ Scientist behind screen.. anyone can enforce rules already written... but when it comes to answer question like

    ''Why is it banable to send 5k deut for someone to phalanx for you if you have no moon and phalanx yet'' then they freeze and start random talk with english bad as my like that admin from first post haha )))))

  • You can discuss things, and we can answer your questions if we are able to, but the fact is that there are some things we are simply not permitted to talk about. I get that you don't like it, but it doesn't change the fact that we have our hands tied pretty firmly in regard to certain things, and we just can't discuss them at all.

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